Top 7 Indian Traditional Food– Taste the Magic of Our Culture!

Food & CultureTop 7 Indian Traditional Food– Taste the Magic of Our Culture!
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Indian gastronomy is a mélange of colorful flavors, essence and spices. The traditional and cultural diversity, the culinary foods of India varies from place to place of the country. Every dish has its own uniqueness and entity.

There are various countries in the globe, which have different foods and delicacies, but Indian cuisines are the rulers of the world. Now, ask why? The scrumptious taste and colorful spices mingle together to bring magic in the plate of food lovers.

Tasty Dishes of India – Bring Delicacy in Your Plate

Every state and culture has its own way to bring water in your taste buds. Let us know some traditional delicious dishes in India that are common and interesting:

1. Rogan Josh

Do you love eating sumptuous and aromatic lamb curry? So, Rogan Josh is one of the  lamb dishes for meat lovers. This cuisine is a traditional plate of Kashmir, although its roots have come from Persian culture.

Top 7 Traditional Indian Food - rogan josh
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Composed of the array of spices, ginger, garlic, red chili and tomatoes, this hot and tender dish has amazing flavor. Not only the foodies of Kashmir, but the other parts of India and foreign food lovers also love to have Rogan Josh in their plate.

This staple food of Kashmiri is a multi-course meal which can be eaten with both rice and chapatti. Rogan Josh is made of braised lamb chunks cooked with hot gravy. Indian chefs add yogurt, onions and lots of hot spices to cook this cuisine.

The bright red color of this recipe appeals to spice lovers. We are sure you will love to taste this dish to satiate your taste.

2. Masala Dosa

Most of us know rice is a staple food of South India, but most of the South Indians use rice to make some delicious dishes such as Dosa and Idli. Let’s talk about the famous cuisine of the southern part of India – Masala Dosa. This dish is originated to Coastal Karnataka.

Top 7 Traditional Indian Food - Masala Dosa
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This preparation is made of rice and lentils. You need to soak rice and lentils in water for 5-6 hours and then prepare a batter. After that cook it in a skillet with a dash of coconut oil or refined oil. You can stuff potato cooked with onion in the Dosa.

This recipe can be eaten with coconut chutney, sambar dal cooked with lentils or onion curry. But this southern Indian traditional delicacy is loved by other parts of India including Karnataka and other South Indian states.

Not only today, but it is also one of the oldest and famous traditional dishes in India whose craze is spread globally.

3. Hyderabadi Biryani

Yes, we know Biryani is one of the most scrumptious mouth-tickling dishes for Indian food lovers, but Hyderabadi Biryani is a passion for Biriyani lovers.

Top 7 Traditional Indian Food - Hyderabadi Biryani
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The special ingredients such as meat (lamb or chicken), boiled eggs, onion fries, spices and yogurt bring the punchy flavor and tender taste to the native food of Hyderabad – the southern part of India.

So, let us flow with the magical strong aroma of the world-famous taste-tickling Hyderabadi Biryani.

4. Dhokla

Long we have discussed about meat and eggs. Now it’s time to satiate the hunger of vegetarian foodies. So, what about Dhokla? Yes, this vegetarian snack is native to Gujarat – the western part of India.

Top 7 Traditional Indian Food - Dhokla
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Dhokla is one of the oldest traditional foods of Gujarat, which is not only loved by Gujaratis, but another part of the country is also crazy about this sweet & sour snack.

This forerunner Indian vegan cuisine is made of chickpea powder and rice. The ingredients are fermented to make a batter and steamed with a brush of oil. Later, the steam Dhoklas can tamper with coriander seeds, mustard seeds and curry leaves while serving.

This Gujarati snack is healthy, oil-free and good to have with tea in your morning or evening breakfast.

5. Mattar Paneer

This is one of the vegetarian dishes of North India, which is native to Punjab and Rajasthan. To make this tasty Indian dish, you will need fresh cottage cheese and green peas. Add yummy tomato puree, garam masala (spices), onion, garlic, ginger and butter/yogurt to make Matar Paneer – the delicacy of Punjab, Rajasthan, and charm of the other states in India.

Top 7 Traditional Indian Food - Matar Paneer
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Nowadays, most of the vegetarians make this recipe on various occasions. Enjoy this traditional Indian cuisine by dipping it with your chapatti, bread, nan, puri or paratha to feel the taste.

6. Vada Pav

Are you a street food lover? If yes, then Vada Pav can be your craze. This traditional delicacy of Maharashtra is the local gastronomy of whole Mumbai and throughout India.

Top 7 Traditional Indian Food - Vada Pav
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Vada Pav is the fusion of chilli, boiled potato patty sandwiched in a bread roll known as Pav. This is one of the simple and cost-effective snacks in India which has gained high popularity among the food lovers. The salty-sour combination of this Indian burger is a worldwide famous cuisine.

7. Rasmalai

After talking about salty, sour and spicy recipes, your sweet tooth may start craving. Isn’t it?

So, why don’t you try a delicious dessert? Yes, we are talking about a plush sweet dish, Rasmalai – the delicacy of West Bengal. Bengal and its capital Kolkata are famous for sweets such as Rosogolla and Rasmalai.

Top 7 Traditional Indian Food - Rasmalai
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Originated from West Bengal, this delicious dessert is popular and loved by the sweet lovers of other states in India. This tasty Indian sweet is made of milk, white cream, cardamom powder, cheese, cashew, almond and saffron.

The word ‘Ras’ means juice and ‘Malai’ means cream, and this juicy dessert really melts in your mouth and appetite your stomach. You can also serve this dessert by sprinkling dry fruits and nuts such as almonds and pistachios on the sweet.

This spongy, aromatic and tender Bengali sweet is the charm of every Indian festival such as Holi, Navaratri and Diwali. You can serve this dessert to your guests at the end of the meal.

Bottom Line

The aroma, flavor and taste of these Indian cuisines tantalize the taste and mood of food lovers. Choose any of the varieties among the 7 traditional veg and non-veg Indian cuisines. Taste the delicacy and love the natural essence of India.

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