15 Amazing Gyro Nutrition Facts

Health15 Amazing Gyro Nutrition Facts
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Gyro Nutrition Facts – In addition to being tasty, gyros are a practical super option since they can be eaten on the go with no preparation. Even while enjoying a wonderful meal, you may think about the nutritional value and overall healthfulness of the food you are consuming. Were there any genuine advantages to eating this delicious savory dish?

Let’s have a look at the amazing Gyro nutrition facts in detail.

Gyro Nutrition Facts Chart

  • oz (28g )
  • Calories from Fat 43. Calories 73.
  • 7% Total Fat 4.7g.
  • 10% Saturated Fat 1.9g.
  • 8% Cholesterol 24mg.
  • 2% Sodium 46mg.
  • 3% Potassium 101mg.

Here’s a more detailed chart on Gyro nutrition facts for reference.

Some Interesting Gyro Nutrition Facts

"gyro nutrition facts"

  1. Adding a lot of oil to gyros meat makes it less healthy. Chicken flesh, which is low in calories and high in protein, is a common ingredient in gyros. Even though lamb is a good provider of several vitamins and minerals, its cholesterol content is high.
  2. If you’re a lover of street cuisine like gyro, you’ll want to learn more about this sort of meal so that you know how often you can eat it.
  3. You must be familiar with all of the typical components in gyro foods to understand how the nutrition of these dishes works.
  4. Gyro is often served with pita bread and a tzatziki sauce made from yogurt, cucumbers, and other seasonings on top. People have varying meat tastes. Thus, lamb may often be swapped with chicken.
  5. According to the USDA, you may anticipate around 217 calories in 100 grams of meat in a single gyro meal that contains lamb meat.
  6. The protein content of this meal is likely to be approximately 26 grams, while the fat content is likely to be around 1/8. A low-carb diet may enjoy the benefits of this meal, thanks to the fact that lamb meat does not contain carbohydrates.
  7. Lamb is also a fantastic source of vitamins and minerals, so it’s a win-win situation. Saturated fat makes up a substantial portion of this meal, so it’s crucial to keep that in mind, along with the other positive aspects of this recipe.
  8. Inflammation and some disorders, such as diabetes and heart disease, may be exacerbated by saturated fat, which raises cholesterol levels in the blood. 
  9. However, a gyro made with chicken meat would have a more excellent protein content, but it would also have a more extensive calorie content.
  10. Consider the carbohydrates in this meal when combining it with other foods. However, it would help if you were cautious about how frequently you eat gyros since doing so might have adverse effects on your health in various ways. 
  11. You can get a lot of protein, vitamins, and minerals with just one serving of this recipe. Its low-calorie content may help you stay on track with your weight loss goals while satisfying your cravings for something sweet.
  12. If, on the other hand, you add chicken to your gyro meal, you may get some of the benefits while still dealing with the drawbacks of the meat. For example, you may get more protein, vitamins, and minerals, but you’ll also eat more calories if you’re eating a gyro with chicken meat in it.
  13. However, it’s crucial to remember that gyros shouldn’t be something you eat all the time. Regardless of how it is combined with other ingredients, meat has the potential to raise cholesterol levels. Thus, this meal should not be consumed regularly.
  14. Those of you who have studied the preparation of gyro dishes know that the meat is grilled to perfection. This meat is also chopped in a unique style to be stuffed into pita bread and accompanied by various fillings.
  15. In the eyes of non-meat-savvy diners, it seems like the meat has been prepared in an unhealthful manner for this meal.
  16. So it’s reasonable that many people think a gyro comes with processed meat wrapped up in its tortilla. Because it doesn’t include any preservatives or additives, gyro meat isn’t a processed product. To enhance the flavor of a gyro, just the most basic culinary spices are used.
  17. When it comes to gyros, many people are looking for ways to make them healthier without sacrificing their love of the cuisine. For this reason, finding healthier substitutions and combinations will be necessary if you want to consume this meal more regularly. To begin, you’ll need to think about the meat you’ll be using in the recipe.
  18. The lower fat content of white meat makes it a better alternative to red meat in this context. If you’re looking to make your gyro meal healthy, go for chicken or turkey instead of beef. In addition, if you don’t want to eat many calories, you should avoid using a lot of condiments.

Some Lesser Known Gyro Nutrition Facts

  • As a bonus, you can control the ingredients and calories in your tzatziki sauce by making it yourself. In addition, the gyro will be healthier for you if you include a wider variety of veggies.
  • Because gyro is primarily a meat meal, there are no viable replacements. Without the meat, you won’t be eating a gyro meal, but pita bread and tzatziki sauce may be combined in various ways. Because of this, it’s preferable to stick with white meat and consume this meal more healthily.
  • Soya chunks, seitan, tempeh, or plant-based sausages may be used to make a vegetarian gyro.
  • Even though gyro meat is not the healthiest choice, it is generally safe to consume on occasion if you don’t overindulge. It’s entirely up to you how you want to eat this food, and there are many healthier options available.


Gyros are a delicious and satisfying Greek dish that are enjoyed by people all over the world. With its tender meat, crispy vegetables, and flavorful sauce, it’s no wonder why gyros are such a popular choice. Whether you’re counting calories or watching your carbohydrate intake, it’s important to know the nutritional value of your food. So why not discover the nutritional facts of gyros today and make informed decisions about your next meal? Your health will thank you!

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