18 Superbly Amazing Propel Nutrition Facts!

Health18 Superbly Amazing Propel Nutrition Facts!
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Propel Nutrition Facts – Propel Electrolyte Water contains electrolytes for health and is an exclusive liquid among the nation’s raised water labels, with standard electrolyte content for replacing what you miss out on sweat. All Propel commodities are a fantastic choice for customers with Fitness as their priority and conduct a vigorous life in their hectic schedule.

Propel Nutrition Facts You Won’t Like To Miss!

Propel brand products are created to assist hydration. It is for all those searching for Water that functions as tough as they perform. However, Propel brand is suggested during a working session to help in hydration and is ideal for consumption at any moment during the day.

Now, Let’s have a look at the amazing Propel nutrition facts chart in detail.

Propel, Lemon, Zero Calorie Water Beverage with Electrolytes & Vitamins C&E, 24 Fl Oz (Pack of 12) - Walmart.com

Propel Calories – (The nutritional content of 240 mL/ 8 fl Oz serving per Propel container)

How many calories are in a Propel? The precise values may be seen below. Let’s try to understand the calorie content in grams in this exclusive electrolyte water.

  • Serving size: 240 mL/ 8 fl Oz
  • Calories: 10
  • Total Fat: 0 gram/ 0% of the Daily Value
  • Total Carbohydrate: 2 gram/ 1% of the Daily Value
  • Sodium: 5 mg/ 0% of the Daily Value
  • Protein: 0 gram
  • Sugars: 2 grams
  • Vitamin B6: 25% of the Daily Value
  • Calcium: 10% of the Daily Value
  • Vitamin B12: 4% of the Daily Value
  • Pantothenic Acid: 25% of the Daily Value
  • Niacin: 25% of the Daily Value

Here’s a more detailed chart on Propel electrolyte water nutrition facts for reference.

propel nutrition facts

Fantastic Propel Nutrition Facts 

  1. Propel Water is sweetened with artificial sweeteners called acesulfame potassium and sucralose. Although some carried out few types of research on both, these sweeteners are GRAS or Generally Recognized As Safe. Propel doesn’t contain aspartame or sugar.
  2. Propel doesn’t contain carbs or sugar. Propel Electrolyte Water’s nutrition label displays total sugar 0 grams and total carbs 0 gram. This turns to Propel, ideal for low-carb and keto diets. Alternatively to corn or sugar syrup, Propel products are sweetened with artificial sweeteners, namely acesulfame potassium and sucralose.
  3. Individuals pick a zero-calorie drink such as Propel to avoid additional calories. However, evidence exhibits that artificial sweeteners are astonishingly inefficient for losing weight. These sweeteners retain your habitual food and sweet drinks. Hence, you still have sweet cravings, consuming enough calories from other food items. Also, some individuals consider these artificial sweeteners ominous.
  4. Propel Water has around 40 mg potassium and 160 mg sodium every serving of 12 oz. 
  5. If you are up for electrolytes and rehydration, it is advisable to have Propel over regular Water. Yet, normal Water is healthier than Propel to drink in several other circumstances. The vitamins and Electrolytes present in Propel arrive with believable health benefits. However, artificial sweeteners come with possible durable risks.
  6. Propel Water doesn’t contain caffeine. Even though it’s a sports drink, it isn’t an energy drink. Propel isn’t advertised as having caffeine, and none of its ingredients contains caffeine organically. Hence Propel Electrolyte product must not retain you awake.
  7. Propel Water is usually regarded better than soda as Propel has artificial colours calories and is sugar-free. Nevertheless, Propel has two artificial sweeteners that turn this fact controversial from a health perspective.
  8. For people carrying out less intense workouts such as walking, Propel can be an ideal way to keep you hydrated with zero additional calories found in almost all other sports drinks.
  9. Propel Water is loaded with Vitamin B, which plays a crucial role in an individual’s body functioning when performing intense workouts. This Water is even needed during the post-workout cell repair phase.

Propel Zero Mix Berry - 6 Ct : Target

Some Additional Propel Nutrition Facts

  1. The caps of Propel Electrolyte Water are created from 100% recyclable components.
  2. Propel Water offers another hydration level for all individuals leading a healthy and active lifestyle. However, these customers usually juggle home life and hectic work, prioritizing Fitness.
  3. Propel products are Obtainable worldwide at grocery stores, convenience, mass, a club, and some stores.
  4. The durability of unflavored and flavoured Propel drinks can vary. The unflavored Propel water durability is about 270 days, whereas 180 days for the flavoured Propel Water.
  5. The suggested Propel Electrolyte Water list price for a 750 ml water bottle is $1.49. Also, the suggested Propel Vitamin Boost list price for a 20 Oz bottle is around $1.39 to $1.89.
  6. None of the Propel ingredients is obtained from flours or grains connected to gluten reactivity.
  7. The Fitness Propel water flavours include black cherry, grape, berry, lemon, lemonade, raspberry, kiwi strawberry, peach, and melon.
  8. The flavours of Propel Calcium arrive in mixed berries, mandarin orange, mango, and strawberry.
  9. Propel Water is usually regarded in vegas as it has no animal by-products, eggs, milk, or honey.

Bottom Line

Propel Water isn’t just any ordinary water as its title implies. This is, in reality, an electrolyte or sports drink formed in a lab for replenishing electrolytes in sportspersons who’ve been continuously sweating out during their gym sessions. Propel might refill the huge Water, potassium, and sodium amounts one has lost due to sweat. However, one has to be aware of the other things happening in their body and these substances.

Hence, you must not include Propel water into your routine or jump into this product as you feel thirsty. Consuming usual bottled water or tap water in such instances is somewhat healthier.

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