Totino Pizza Rolls Nutritional Facts

HealthTotino Pizza Rolls Nutritional Facts
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Pizza Rolls are pepperoni pizzas surrounded by soft dough. For the filling, you will add pepperoni, marinara, Mexican cheese (or mozzarella if you prefer), and Italian spices. The result is an ooey-gooey diet that you can’t put down!  Pizza rolls are appetizers, poppers, and bites. It is a small size with basic pizza ingredients. Inside, they contain tomato sauce, cheese, and the usual ingredients for pizza such as mushrooms and meat. 

7 Amazing Totino Pizza Rolls Nutritional Facts

Totino pizza rolls were first developed by Jeno Paulucci in 1968. He formed a company called Jeno’s Pizza Rolls, which was later sold in Pillsbury and changed its name to Totino. He started by making pizza toppings instead of the internal filling of an egg roll. You may have found inspiration in Giuseppe Agiro who made a roll of pepperoni for miners to eat easily, but later added cheese, peppers, and sausages. 

Totino Pizza Rolls Calories

One Totino Pizza Roll box which has 6 rolls of about 85 g contains: 

  • Calories – 220
  • Fats – 8g is about 10%.
  • Full Fat – 2g about 9%.
  • Cholesterol – 5 mg is about 2%.
  • Sodium  – 380mg accounts for 16%.
  • Total Carbohydrate – 30g about 11%.
  • Fiber – 1g about 5%.
  • Total Sugar – 2g
  • Protein – 6g
  • Calcium – 2% 
  • Iron – 10%

Here is a more detailed chart on Totino Pizza Rolls Nutrition Facts for reference.

Also, you can try Totino Pizza Rolls which turn a classic pizza topping into a tasty poppable bite.

Some Totino pizza rolls Nutritional Facts Everyone Must Know

  • Pizza rolls, from calzones the size of a dinner plate to a light-biting meal, rarely make a healthy meal. The six-pound commercial pizza feed contains 220 calories and 9 grams of fat; The total calzone of the restaurant contains 940 calories.
  • Iron in these rolls helps maintain many important functions in the body, including normal energy and concentration, digestive processes, immune system, and body temperature control. 
  • Pizza rolls have calcium that our body requires to produce and strengthen strong bones. Some studies suggest that calcium, along with vitamin D, may have more health benefits: possibly preventing cancer, diabetes, and high blood pressure.
  • Pizza rolls also have protein to stay healthy and function the way they should. Protein is also an important part of the processes that trigger your energy and carry oxygen throughout your bloodstream. It also helps to make the immune system fight infections and helps to keep the cells healthy and build new ones.
  • Pizza rolls contain 16 percent of the Daily value of sodium which is very beneficial for the human body. Significantly, sodium regulates the fluid in humans and avoids the loss of water.
  • The fiber in pizza rolls works great for maintaining the digestive system and is also helpful in bowel health. It is also helpful in gaining weight and maintaining blood sugar levels.
  • The fat present in pizza rolls is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids that maintains cholesterol levels. Further, it is also good for healthy inflammatory traces and helps in the optimization of brain function. 

Closing Thoughts

Pizza rolls are not pizza but are a meal that can quench your thirst for real pizza. They are designed for quick and easy cooking at home and are a good option for satisfying hunger. Significantly, we all ate these little meals at events, at family gatherings, or at bedtime with friends. We can easily combine the taste of pizza rolls and nutrition with the taste of real pizza.

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