Truffle Nutrition Facts

HealthTruffle Nutrition Facts
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Do not confuse truffles with mushrooms. Truffles do not even look like mushrooms. Truffles grow on the roots of trees, around 5 to 10 centimetres deep. Special tools and extra unique skill sets are required to find truffles and extract them carefully from the tree roots. Many people have trained their dogs and pigs to sniff around for truffles. White truffles from Italy and black truffles from France are the most common and popular ones available in the market. There are a little over 100 kinds of truffles available in and around the world.

10 Amazing Truffle Nutrition Facts

Each truffle has a distinct taste in direct relation to the environment they grow in and the type of bacteria inside it.

8 Amazing Health Benefits of Truffle | Organic Facts

Truffle Nutrition Calories Count

  1. Calories – 56 
  2. Fat – 4 gms
  3. Protein – 1 gm
  4. Carbohydrate – 5.3gms
  5. Sodium – 50mg

Also, you can find a chart on truffle nutrition facts for reference.

Health Benefits of Truffle

Over the years, various studies have concluded about the nutritional and health benefits of Truffle. These studies have proven how truffles can also be a key ingredient in our daily meals. 

  1. Truffles are rich in nutrients and high in essential minerals and vitamins. Truffles are high in carbs, fibre, and protein content, as well as in fats. These are also known to contain vitamin C, sodium, phosphorus, calcium, iron, magnesium, and manganese.
  2. Truffles are also believed to provide a complete source of protein. They provide all the nine amino acids essential for your body’s proper growth and development. 
  3. Truffles are also known to be a great source of antioxidants. Antioxidants are those compounds that help fight free radicals and also seem to prevent oxidative damage to your body cells. These are known to help fight heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.
  4. Antioxidants like Vitamin C, gallic acid, lycopene, and homogentisic acid are present in truffles. Studies have also said that white and black truffles can even help in killing cancerous cells and reducing inflammation. However, this study was conducted by using highly concentrated extracts of truffles. Thus, it is unclear if fresh truffles will also have the same effect.
  5. Truffles also have antibacterial properties, which help reduce the growth of specific strains of bacteria in your body. The studies conducted have shown that truffle use can mitigate the effect of bacteria like Pseudomonas aeruginosa. This bacterium is resistant to antibiotics, and staphylococcus, a bacterium that causes a wide range of illnesses in the human body. However, human research is missing, and there is a lack of proper research or human trials.
  6. Truffles also seem to be good for reducing inflammation in your body. High levels of inflammation can lead to a few chronic diseases. A few studies and test-tube studies have concluded that truffles can help in reducing inflammation and help promote your health. 
  7. Truffles can be added to bring that unique aroma and taste to your food. Black truffles are more affordable than white ones. Few shavings of black truffle can be sprinkled on your food, even soup, sauces, or even pasta. Truffle goes well with everything. Truffle can also be mixed with olive oil or butter for adding a tasty twist to your food. 
  8. Truffles are also known to protect your liver from other diseases.
  9. Truffles are also known to reduce the ageing process and help you look younger and better. 
  10. Truffles may provide relief from eye infections too. 
  11. Truffles are also considered a good meat alternative for all non-meat lovers. 

Why Real Truffles Are so Expensive


Truffles are an expensive ingredient that can be added to your daily meal. However, their nutritional value and health benefits seem to make them an essential commodity that can be added to your daily meals. Truffles are highly nutritious; they are rich in antioxidants and possess anticancer, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties.

Also, do remember even a tiny amount of truffle is beneficial. Because of this very reason, you do not need to buy a massive quantity of truffles. The shell life of truffles is, anyways, tiny. So, you can choose to store truffles by grating them in your butter and freezing them in small amounts in the refrigerator.

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