9 Mood Boosting Foods To Lift Your Mood Instantly!

Lifestyle9 Mood Boosting Foods To Lift Your Mood Instantly!
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Sometimes we feel low in our life and don’t want to do anything at all. The medicine for this type of situation is to eat well. Because sometimes it is the physical condition of our body which leads hours to fall in the mood. It can be like your blood sugar level is low and that is why you are not feeling well.

So food can be a great stress buster. Here we have given a list of some good food for a good mood.

 1. Fatty Fishes

Fishes are full of nutrients. Moreover, the fatty fishes have omega 3 fatty acid which is good to reduce our stress and depression. Some fatty fishes are salmon, tuna etc. this will help you to fight with your stress and will reduce your depression level for sure.

Mood Boosting Foods - Fatty Fishes
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You just have to get up and make some baked fish for yourself. It is always better to bake or grill it rather than frying it with oil. Because except the mood lifter concept we should also pay attention to our health.

2. Dark Chocolate

Who does not love chocolate? Yes, we all love chocolates in some way. Chocolate can be the food when you are not feeling happy or you are depressed from inside. Because sometimes the depression of stress comes from the low sugar level in our body. And chocolate improves the sugar level almost instantly and can make you feel better.

Mood Boosting Foods - Dark Chocolate

It also has many other compounds in it which can fuel your brainpower. So if you are wondering what to eat when you are depressed then you can grab chocolate for sure. It is always better to have dark chocolate if you are a health-conscious person.

 3. Fermented Foods

Sometimes fermented foods can lift your mood in a better way than any other food product. Our body has a special type of hormone called serotonin which is responsible for our moods and stress. 90% of this hormone comes from the gut.

Mood Boosting Foods - Fermented Foods
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And formatted foods like yoga will help you to have a healthy gut all the time. It will also help you to supply with the proper amount of probiotics in your body to keep it healthy all the time.

4. Bananas

Bananas are anyway considered to be the powerhouse of energy. If you are feeling weak then you can have a banana and you can get the energy almost instantly.

Mood Boosting Foods - Bananas
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Banana has a lot of natural sugar in it which can improve your blood sugar level. It also has vitamin b6 and prebiotic fibres which are good for our health.

So if you are not feeling well from inside then you can grab a banana and eat it raw make some smoothies out of it.

 5. Oats

Oats are gaining popularity day by day because of its healthy nutrients. It is a very good food item for breakfast if you are a health-conscious person because it has necessary fibres which can improve your digestive system.

Mood Boosting Foods - Oats

The fibres present in oats can also improve your mood by balancing your blood sugar level. Oats have a lot of iron in it which can improve your depression situation which can be the result of your iron deficiency anaemia.

So if you are feeling low and don’t want to you do anything at all then you can always make some oatmeal on muesli for yourself to get better.

 6. Berries

Fruits are always a very good mood lifter. Because it has all the natural nutrients which are good for our health. Different types of berries are available in the market like strawberry, BlackBerry, blueberry, raspberry etc. You can get any of them and eat it when you are feeling depressed.

Mood Boosting Foods - Berries

Berries have anthocyanin’s which can help you to balance all the nutrients inside your body and improve your mood. Most of the time you can get it in your supermarket and that is why the availability issue will not be there as well.

 7. Nuts

Nuts are always good for your health if you are having them in a limited amount. There are different types of nuts like groundnut, almond, hazelnut, walnut etc. You can include not in your diet plan regularly if you want to avoid stress from your life.


Nuts have some important fibres which can improve the hormonal balance in your body and you will get a mood lift almost instantly. So currently the doctors are also advising their patients to have nuts regularly for the sake of their health.

8. Coffee

Coffee can be an instant mood lifter if you have nothing else to eat at home. It has caffeine in it which improves the brain function and always work as a stress buster.


There are different types of coffee with different flavours are available in the market and if you don’t want to have boring coffee every day then you can choose any of them.

And if you are a coffee lover then you will surely like this option to improve your mood. But you must remember that it is always better to have black coffee if you want to be healthy all the time.

 9. Lentils

Lentils have a lot of protein in it and that is why it is always advised by the doctors to have lentils every day to get the necessary protein in your body. It is also a very important food item for vegetarian people who are not allowed to eat non-vegetarian items.

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So to get the protein they always rely on lentils. But it can also lift your mood by a lot of nutrients in it which can improve your blood sugar level which is the cause of the depression most of the time. Boiling some lentils is also a very quick and easy task for anyone. So it has become a go-to item to eat whenever you are feeling low.

So this was all about the foods which you can have whenever you are feeling depressed. Most of the items are easily available and you can have them anytime you want at your home.

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