Jordanian Chef Takes a Noble Step by Making Sustainable Masks by Eggplant Skin

LifestyleJordanian Chef Takes a Noble Step by Making Sustainable Masks by Eggplant...
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Sustainable Masks by Eggplant Skin: Covid-19 is still taking a toll on us during this period. But along with that, it has increased the market and business of different types of face masks. According to the notion by experienced doctors, there is a certain need of wearing a mask whenever you will go out and that is why all the businessmen who are involved with the manufacturing of face masks have got a new enthusiasm in creating innovative masks.

There is also a theory in which doctors are urging that the sustainable masks should be there in the market so that the environment is preserved.

So everyone is trying to create some sustainable masks which are environment friendly to keep the notion intact.

The Jordanian chef exactly followed this rule. He created a sustainable mask from the eggplant skin which is itself a very miraculous invention.

His name is Omar Sartawi and he is quite a popular chef in Jordan. He has created a new type of face mask with eggplant skin by turning it into a sustainable leather. This product is completely eco-friendly and that is why it is gaining popularity.

The sources of the information are still not verified but there is a picture surfaced internet of this particular mask. He named it an eggplant leather mask and created this by proper treatment of eggplant skins.

According to his statement, he has used the steps like salting the skins, dehydrating them and then cook it underwater to make it like a bit thick leather material. He has also focused on the proper design of the mask and that is why he is searching for a good designer to create the mask appealing to the customers.

Currently, he has got some help from the local designers who are getting these masks stitched and also a very famous jewellery maker of Jordan, Princess Nejla Asem is working on the embellishments needed on the face mask to make it look nice.


So finally we are hoping that the mask will soon be approved by the authority and it will come in the market. Because sustainable products are needed in the current environment to preserve it.

So it will be a very good choice if we get a product like that. Moreover, the people who are a foodie in nature will love this type of mask because it involves a very famous vegetable which is almost liked by all. And it will surely be a cool trend to wear a face mask made of eggplant skin. Isn’t it?

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