10 Different Ways to Make Maggi at Home

Different Ways to Make Maggi:Maggi is a kind of emotion for the people especially the students. It is considered to be the ultimate solution in hostel life when you are hungry and you need something in 2 minutes. And Maggie can be made at that time only. But there are some ways how you can make Maggi even more delicious.

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We have listed here the top 10 ways to make it much more desirable than never before.

Chicken Maggi:

If you have some leftover chicken from the day before and it is too little to make a full-on a chicken meal then you can always use it to make some chicken noodles for you.

Different Ways to Make Maggi - foodiewish

At first, you have to make needs free of bones and cut into very small pieces or even slices. Then you have to prepare Maggi in the usual way and add those sliced chicken in it. Sometimes you can also add some chopped vegetables or sausages in it along with the chicken.

Prawn Maggi:

Are you a prawn lover?

Then you will like this recipe a lot. The recipe is just like the chicken noodles one.

Different Ways to Make Maggi Prawn

At first, you have to try all the tiny prawns by adding some ginger and garlic along with some onion in it so that the bad smell goes away from the prawn. Then you have to keep trying them until they turn out to be brown. After that, you have to make the usual Maggi and add these prawns in it. And your prawn Maggi is completely ready for you.

Maggi Sandwich:

If you are experimental regarding the food then you can also make some Maggi sandwich for you.

Different Ways to Make Maggi Sandwich

For this, you have to make your noodles with a bit of oregano and chilli flakes. And if you want you can also add some cheese in it too. After that, you have to spread the whole thing over your toast and follow the steps of making a sandwich. And your Maggi sandwich will get ready in a minute.

Maggi Fritters:

Did you ever imagine that noodles can make awesome pakoras?

Fritters - foodiewish

Yes, this is true. For that, at first, you have to make your noodles and let the whole thing to cool down a bit. Once the Maggi is cool down you can add herbs according to your requirement. You also need to add some cornflour and salt and mix the whole thing very neatly. Then you have to add a little bit of oil in it and fry doors till eternity to be golden brown. This way you can have some Maggi pakoras in your snacks time.

Maggi Veg Omelette:

Did you ever imagine omelette without an egg?

Maggi Veg Omelette - foodiewish

Yes, it is possible with Maggi. At first, you have to boil the noodles and mix it with some besan, ginger garlic paste and suji. And then make a full-fledged better with the mixture and some spices according to your choice. Then you have to take some oil and spread the whole thing on the boil and simmer it by covering the lead. And your Maggi veg omelette is completely ready.

Baked Cheese and Corn Maggi:

If you want something funky with your noodles then you can also make some baked cheese and corn Maggi for you. In this recipe, you have to cook your noodles with some cons and then use your baking tray wisely.

Baked Cheese and Corn Maggi - foodiewish

You have to grease your tray with some butter and spread the whole thing on it. After that, you have to put shredded cheese and the spices of your choice on it and bake it for around 4 or 5 minutes.

At last, the cheese will meltdown and the topping will be completely like a brown crust. And this way you are baked cheese and corn noodles will be ready to eat.

Maggi Salad:

Are you a salad person? Then you can also make some salad with your noodles. At first, you have to break your noodles into very small curls. Then you have to prepare the salad with some cucumber, onion and tomato. And then you have to mix both of them and add some salt and chat masala along with some garlic and green chillies to make your Maggi salad.

Maggi Salad - foodiewish

Mango Maggi:

If you are a fan of mango then you can also make some mango Maggi get a different feeling of eating Maggi altogether.

Mango Maggi - foodiewish

At first, you have to cook your Maggi without the masala given in it and drain the water. Then you have to caramelize the sugar and make some mango syrup. At last, you can mix both of them and add some small slices of mangoes and refrigerator the whole thing for several hours. Your cold mango noodles will be ready.

Maggi Poha:

If you are into healthy diet then Maggi Poha is the best choice for you.

Maggi Poha - foodwish

At first, you have to cook your noodles and drain the whole water. Then you have to add some ingredients of your choice including mustard seeds, onions, curry leaves and green chillies and put the cook noodles in it and fry it for around 10 minutes. Your noodles Poha will be ready.

Maggi Masala Tikki:

To make some Masala Tikki from noodles you have to boil your noodles at first. Then you have to mix some boiled potatoes, bread crumbs and carrots and put the already cooked noodles in it and add some ginger and garlic paste.

Maggi Masala Tikki - foodiewish

After that, you have to add masala according to your choice and shape the whole thing into some small round of flat balls. At last, you have to dip those in biscuit powder and beef fry them. And serve them with some spicy chutney.


So these some very easy recipes you can make with Maggi and be a bit experimental with it.

Whenever you get bored and don’t want to have conventional Maggi you can make these unique dishes and enjoy the old noodles in a new wrapper altogether.

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