South Indian Cuisine

South Indian Cuisine

South Indian Cuisine is famous for its extensive use of spices and chili in its food thereby making them extremely spicy. South India has a long history of spice trade. The spices found in the southern part of India are exquisite and give great aroma and flavor to the South Indian dishes.

South Indian food is yet another mouth watering Indian cuisine which presents to you a large variety of dishes especially vegetarian. South Indian food is also rich in nutrient and protein as it is made of a number of green vegetables and herbs along with its aromatic spices. Chili is used in superfluous amount and makes South Indian food dishes quite spicy.

Different south Indian regions specialize in different cuisines of their own. Like Tamil Nadu is famous for its idli and dosas, while Kerala is famous for banana chips and jackfruit chips and Andhra Pradesh is famous for its non vegetarian dishes of kebabs, Kormas and biryanis.

Hyderabad which is the capital of Andhra Pradesh is especially famous for its Hyderabadi Biryani. It is evident that South Indian food has its own diversity ranging from extreme vegetable dishes to fruit dishes to hard core non vegetarian meat dishes.

South Indian Cuisine constitute mainly of rice as staple food and uses lots of spices, green vegetables and fruits, green chili and coconut oil. Some basic south Indian dishes are idli, sambar, vadai, rasam, dosa, thayir sadam, poriyal, iddipum and untapped. These are some of the very famous South Indian dishes that is loved and prepared in almost all regions of India.

Coconut oil is the basic oil that is used to cook South Indian dishes. In fact South Indian dishes have the perfect balance between both vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes that are bound to satisfy your taste and fulfill your palate.