About Us

Food blogging is a new era in the online platform world. It is a window for sharing and caring for the women out there. Though we are well aware of the fact that men and women are both capable of handling the kitchenware with precision, women are seen in most of the families to be spending most of their time in the kitchen.

They might be cooking the usual stuff, but they can be engrossed with experimenting with new delicacies. With the advancement in technology, experimentation with food is a current hot topic online.

In the past recent years, people have learned a lot about online food blogging portals, and how sharing of recipes plays an integral part in food blogging.

Foodiewish is a food blogging platform that wishes to have a good head start with the food blogging era.

Foodiewish is a new venture which is focusing on bringing together all food lovers across nations. Food and food lovers play an amazing part in everyone’s life. They not only help in making lovely and delicious food but also helps bring out different and variety of delicacy which might be able to make someone’s day.

Food connects people from nation to nation. And with recent advancements in technology, it is getting easy for one to look into other cultures which not only shapes the lifestyle but also shapes the food habit of that particular culture. Foodiewish is trying to bring the best food recipes from different cultures.

India is a diversified country. The four sides of this country represent different customs and show different delicacy.

For instance, in the eastern part of the country, we can find different delicious food items on fish items.

Then in the northern part of the country, we can see Mughlai items.

In the south food items are mostly prepared with coconut water. And we all know how Maharashtra is famous for ‘vada pav’.

But we believe in bringing this four-part of the country in one single platform where you will be able to choose from a lot of variety of recipes all across the country and experiment it as per your convenience.

Foodiewish is a notion which believes in women empowerment. Though it is an era for equality still, women play a vital part in shaping the future and culture of every initiative taken.

Women are considered to be the sole cook in a small family, hence food blogging pages most of the time are scrolled up and down by women. They invest their time learning new recipes from not only their country but also from other countries.

Foodiewish, as the name suggests, wishes their level best in helping out in this sort of situation. We promise to show our commitment to proving women is the base which is laid for fabricating entrepreneurship in leading years, since food is the ultimate goal, and we are all working this hard to earn our bread.

It is very common to find a food lover who loves cooking in every household. Foodiewish wishes to help them.

Foodiewish is all about food and recipes. Be it a Bengali food recipe or a Maharashtrian. With just writing the name in the search engine, you will be loaded with a bundle of good, new, delicious recipes that are bound to bring water in your mouth. Mothers, daughters, daughter in law and mother in law all are welcomed to explore here, feel free to share your feedback. It will help the Foodiewish blog to grow.

Foodiewish wishes to be a member of your family because the family begins with food, love, sharing and caring.