Bengali Cuisine

Bengali Cuisine

Bengali food is very popular due to its enormous variety of fish, meat as well as vegetable dishes. Bengali food is such a category of Indian cuisine which is loved by all. Bengali food has rice as a major staple food. Typical Bengali food will consist of a favorable type of fish curry along with rice. Rice is the major content in almost all Bengali dishes.

Bengali food is an all-time favorite in all regions of India especially Bengali sweets like Sandesh, sweet curd also known as mishti doi is generally served as a dessert in any typical Bengali meal and the very famous Bengali rosogolla. Bengali food offers great variety in vegetarian, non-vegetarian, snacks as well as sweet dishes.

Bengali food belongs to the Bengal region of India. A typical Bengali thali consists of rice as the staple diet along with fish and a variety of lentils. The variety of Bengali dishes include shak, sukto, torkari, posto, paturi, kosha, korma, kofta, kalia, jhol, jhal, ghonto, dolma, dom, daalna, chenchki, chutney, chhychanra, cutlet, chop, chorchori, bhorta, bhape, bhapa, bhaja, bawra, achar and ombol.

All these above-mentioned dishes can be made with fish, chicken, mutton, a number of green vegetables, fruits and some aromatic spices. The variety offered by Bengali food is not offered by any other Indian cuisine.

Bengali food offers some striking dishes with rice as the main course with curry, fish dishes, chicken dishes, pulses, fries, chutneys, and Bengali sweets to complement it. This will make the perfect Bengali food thali that would leave you craving for more and more.

Bengali food offers flavors that are both rich in flavor, texture as well as nutrients. There are numerous Bengali food snacks which are mouth-watering delicacies. In fact, you will never find such a large number of snack recipes in any other Indian cuisine.

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