10 Street Food in Kolkata!

Food & Culture10 Street Food in Kolkata!
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Kolkata is quite popular for its food and people go crazy for all the delicacies available there. The special attraction of Kolkata is its Street foods.

You can get everything you want in Kolkata in terms of different cuisines if you know the place to find them. But before that, you need to know what the special street food items of Kolkata are.

 1. Phuchka

If we are talking about the street foods of Kolkata and don’t talk about Phuchka, then it will be a sin. This is the most popular delicacy of Kolkata which is made with small puris stuffed with mashed potatoes with some spices and then you have to eat them after dipping it in tamarind water with lime.

Best Street Food in Kolkata - Phuchka
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It will completely excite your taste buds and you cannot stop yourself from having it one after another. The unique flavour of Phuchka in Kolkata will make you forget golgappa and Pani Puri. Phuchkas are in Vivekananda Market and Russell Street.

 2. Ghugni

It is mainly “boiled yellow peas”. But if we talk about the delicious taste of it then it is something different. There are a lot of places around Kolkata where you will get this item sprinkled with some spices and tamarind pulp.

Best Street Food in Kolkata - Ghugni
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It is street food in Kolkata which can make you forget everything in your life while having it. Sometimes you can also do your tiffin by having some ghugni and bread.

So if you have come to Kolkata then you must try out this item for sure. The quality ghugni is available in Dacres Lane and New Market area in Kolkata.

 3. Jhalmuri

We are talking about Street foods in Kolkata and we don’t talk about jhalmuri that cannot happen. This is simple puffed rice mixed with some onion, potato and other spices.

Best Street Food in Kolkata - Jhalmuri
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It is one of the most famous evening snacks for or anyone living in Kolkata. No oil or any type of unhealthy material is used to make it and that is why it is also considered to be the healthiest snack in Kolkata.

If you are health conscious then also you can have it to change your taste. You can have the jhalmuri in Kolkata in Jawaharlal Nehru Park and Triangular Park.

4. Kathi Rolls

Rolls are made with flour paratha stuffed with different types of vegetables and sauces. You can get Kathi rolls stuffed with eggs, chicken, mutton, paneer etc. This is one of the most wonderful Street foods of Kolkata and so many people prefer this even as meals.

Best Street Food in Kolkata - Kathi Rolls
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Rolls are anyway a very unique food where you can have all types of tastes as per your convenience. Some famous places in Kolkata where you can get Kathi rolls are Hot Kathi Rolls and Kusum’s in Park Street, Anamika Roll Centre near Triangular Park etc.

 5. Shingara

Shingara is the companion of tea or coffee for every Kolkata people. It is a snack which is made like a triangular fried material stuffed with potatoes and many other spices.

Best Street Food in Kolkata - Shingara
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There are some places where different types of chutneys are also given along with shingara. The place around Kolkata to have it is Tiwari Brothers in Burrabazar. And it is a must-try snack in Kolkata if you want to you have the flavour of this place.

 6. Chanar Jilipi

It may sound like a jalebi but it is not exactly that. This food item is made with “cottage cheese” and the texture is just like Gulab jamun. Also, it is made by following the process of making jalebi.

Best Street Food in Kolkata - Chanar Jilipi
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So it is kind of a two in one item you can have in Kolkata streets. If you have a sweet tooth then this is a must-try item in Kolkata. The places to find the quality Chanar Jilipi are Golpark and College Street.

 7. Alu Kabli

If you are a chaat lover then you must try out alu kabli in Kolkata for sure. It is made with the slices of potatoes mixed with the pulp of tamarind, lime and some other spices. It will make your taste buds satisfied when you get the hot and sour taste of it.

Best Street Food in Kolkata - Alu Kabli
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It can be found in all the places where you can find Phuchka as well. But the places like Kalika Mukhorochok at Surya Sen Street will serve you the quality Alu kabli ever.

 8. Telebhaja

If you are staying in Kolkata and not having telebhaja then you are getting it wrong. This is like the official Kolkata item which you have to taste at least once if you go to Kolkata.

Best Street Food in Kolkata - Telebhaja
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Different types of telebhaja are available in several markets like made with potato, tomato, cauliflower, brinjal etc. the people here eat this food item along with some jhalmuri or normal puffed rice most of the time in the evening.

So it has become a popular evening snack here. If you want to taste the telebhaja, then you must go to Kalika Mukhorochok at College Street to get it.

 9. Ghoti Gorom

It is a special item in Kolkata made with chanachur with a mixture of onion and lime juice. It is a great snack for all the people in Kolkata during their afternoon walk.

Best Street Food in Kolkata - Ghoti Gorom
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Generally, it is served hot and the vendors carry a portable oven with them. And that is the beauty of it. The place to get a ghoti gorom is in Prinsep Ghat.

10. Mughlai Paratha

It is one of the most favourite evening snacks of Bengalis. It is made with paratha fried along with some eggs, chicken or mutton. If you have it you can consider it as a whole meal.

Best Street Food in Kolkata - Mughlai Paratha
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You can get a unique Mughlai paratha made with duck egg in Anadi Cabin in the New Market area in Kolkata.



Kolkata is a foodie’s paradise, with a vibrant street food scene that offers a wide range of delicious and affordable options. From savory samosas and crunchy pakoras to juicy kebabs and spicy chaats, the street food in Kolkata is sure to satisfy your cravings. Whether you’re a local or just visiting, be sure to try some of the delicious street food in Kolkata and experience the city’s rich culinary culture.

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