Crystal Light Nutrition Facts

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Crystal Light Nutrition Facts

The market is full of sodas, energy drinks, refreshing drinks, cold drinks, and so on. The market is flooded with many options but finding a glass or a drink mix that is healthier as well as helps you with your craving for junk food is rare to come by. Such a drink is Crystal Light. Available in more than four flavours, Crystal Light is a naturally flavoured drink mix that you can take any time of the day. 

When compared with other drinks or drink mixes available in the market, Crystal Light appears to be sweeter but with a lesser number of calories to add to your daily intake. So, you don’t have to think about the extra calories. Also, Crystal Light is made of natural flavours, which adds to the great taste and value of the drink mix. 

Crystal Light is readily available in the market and seems to go light on your pocket as well. Understanding the ingredients and the nutritional value of Crystal Light becomes all the more important. 

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The nutritional content of 8 fluid ounces of Crystal Light

  1. Calories – 3
  2. Carbs – 1.1g
  3. Protein – 0
  4. Fat – 0

Nutritional and health benefits of Crystal Light

You may be confused as the market for drinks and drink mixes is relatively large. Choosing the correct glass becomes equally important. Here are a few nutritional and health benefits of Crystal Light, which will help you make the right decision regarding health drinks.

  1. Crystal Light is considered to be a zero-calorie drink mix. Compared to the other drinks or drink mixes available in the market, you will have to be sure as you don’t want to end up with too many calories. This is why many prefer to opt for Crystal Light as there is no calorie content, and it is light and easy to prepare.
  2. Crystal Light comes in four different flavours. Each of the flavours is made from natural ingredients. You can pick from other flavours like fruit juice, lemonade, and sweet tea.
  3. Crystal Light uses sugar, but it doesn’t use artificial sweeteners. This is an advantage considering Crystal Light as a drink mix is lighter, has natural sweeteners, and seems to be healthier and beneficial when compared with other drink mixes and sodas. The use of raw sugar is a plus point for Crystal Light. 
  4. Crystal Light Pure uses natural ingredients to get the sugar for its drink mix. This process is a little trickier than just adding sugar to the drink mix. However, Crystal Light Pure also uses natural ingredients to add the drink’s colour. This Crystal Light Pure is the most naturally drawn drink mixes from the Crystal Light family.

Some concerns about Crystal Light

Even though Crystal Light doesn’t have several nutritional benefits, it is still considered better than the sweet drink mixes and sodas available in the market. 

  1. The use of artificial flavours in the drink mix is an obvious concern. Studies have shown that artificial flavours can cause a lot of harm to your mental and physical peace. It can cause an allergic reaction, behavioural issues with kids and attack the body’s immune system.
  2. Artificial sweeteners are also not good for your body and health. The other variants of Crystal Light have also used artificial sweeteners, and consumption of such drinks in high quantities can lead to diabetes, to begin with. Artificial sweeteners also cause headaches, migraines, and even the kidney and the heart. 
  3. The artificial sweetener in Crystal Light can also cause low blood sugar and low blood pressure. So, one needs to check their sugar levels even when sipping on your favourite Crystal Light.
  4. Crystal Light contains soybean and its derivatives. Many people seem to be allergic to it and avoid Crystal Light if they want to stay out of trouble.

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Essential facts about Crystal Light

  • Crystal Light first appeared in 1980, and it has been on the market since then. Crystal Light has seen decades of changes and variations and has survived the market, and has met the various expectations for its demands.
  • Crystal Light comes in a variety of sizes that you can choose from. This is purely for you to opt for your individual beverage preference.
  • Each pitcher of Crystal Light serves five glasses at the maximum.
  • Preparation of Crystal Light is super easy. All you need to do is open the sachet of Crystal Light, pour the contents in 8 cups of water, and mix it. You do not need to add any sugar unless you prefer your drink to be extra sweet.

Crystal Light is not a healthy drink. However, compared with the other drink mixes and sodas in the market, Crystal Light seems to be a better, safer, and more nutritious option. However, anything in excess can be a cause of concern. So enjoy your Crystal Light occasionally. 

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