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Dr Pepper Nutrition Facts

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Dr Pepper Nutrition Facts

Dr Pepper was the first major soft drink brand to enter the market in 1885, one year before Coca-Cola and was distinguished as the world’s oldest significant soft drink brand. Since pharmacist Charles Alderton created it, the specific combination of 23 flavours that make up the product has been a closely guarded secret.

Dr Pepper is available in various tastes, including Cherry Vanilla and Cherry. There are also caffeine-free and diet choices available. Aspartame is used as a sweetening additive in their diet-friendly versions.

Among the ingredients in Dr Pepper are high-fructose corn syrup, natural and artificial flavours (including a proprietary mix of 23 flavours), and caffeine. One can contain 42 milligrams of caffeine.

Drinking Dr Pepper, a distinctive, effervescent combination of 23 fruit flavours, is like having a particular taste that you can’t quite put your finger on.

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  • Energy – 85KJ \ 20 KCAL
  • Fat – 0g ( Of which saturates- 0g)
  • Carbohydrate- 4.9 g ( Of which sugars- 4.9g)
  • Protein – 0g
  • Salt- 0g


  • Carbonated Water, Sugar, Colour (Caramel E150d), Phosphoric Acid, Preservative (Potassium Sorbate), Flavourings Including Caffeine, Sweeteners (Aspartame, Acesulfame K). Contains a Source of Phenylalanine.
  • It’s also vital to note that carbonated water is the first component listed on the label.
  • It would help if you always kept in mind that the ingredients stated on an ingredient list are always ordered from the most common to the least frequent and always presented in ascending order. The carbonated water used in Dr Pepper is the most critical element in the beverage.
  • Considering that we can create it at home using a SodaStream and Dr Pete flavour, logical sense. Of course, the second item on the ingredient list shows one of the most significant distinctions between Dr Pete flavouring and Dr Pepper flavouring: the Dr Pete flavour contains no caffeine.

What is Dr Pepper’s ‘Secret Ingredient’?

One particular hidden ingredient in Dr Pepper would be fascinating, but there is none.

There’s more to it than that, however. Dr Pepper is a concoction of several different flavourings; these flavours are based on a classic cola recipe.

Cherry flavouring, as well as a slew of other tastes, is often used in this recipe. The flavour of Cherry Vanilla Coke is comparable to that of Dr Pepper if you’ve ever taken a sip of it. Because of this, many people feel that cherry and vanilla are part of the Dr Pepper experience, which is not the case.

Dr Pepper: Things you never knew

It’s not a perfect match, but it’s near enough to quench your Dr Pepper desires for the time being. You may also choose brands that better half your budget and sweeteners that are more in line with your nutritional objectives by taking advantage of these extra possibilities.

If you have a SodaStream, Dr Pete flavoured one is an excellent choice since it is lower in sugar, lower in calories, and does not contain high fructose corn syrup.

Some additional facts about Dr Pepper

Which is better for you: Coke or Dr Pepper?

  • Pepper has components similar to Coke’s, but Hunnes points out that they have ten more calories and two more grams of carbs (also known as sugar) per serving.

Is Dr Pepper a calorie-dense beverage?

  • Dr Pepper is a very unhealthy beverage with little nutritional value other than providing some individuals with a burst of energy due to caffeine. Furthermore, several of its constituents have been linked to various adverse health outcomes, including cancer.

Is Diet Dr Pepper a sugary beverage?

  • Diet Dr Pepper is a refreshing beverage. Diet Dr Pepper is a low-calorie variant of the famous American drink of the same name. It has the same amount of caffeine as ordinary Dr Pepper but no sugar content. Diet Dr Pepper, on the other hand, is sweetened with Aspartame.

Dr Pepper Zero Sugar | 2021-04-21 | Prepared Foods

How many teaspoons of sugar are there in a Dr Pepper canister?

  • Four grams of sugar are included in one teaspoon of sugar. Because of this, one 12-ounce Coke with 40 grams of sugar has ten teaspoons of the sweet substance. Please take a moment to envision it in your mind.

Is Dr Pepper a laxative or a digestive aid?

  • No. Dr Pepper does not include laxatives in any form. To avoid confusion, it would be necessary to keep the cola in the pharmacy section of shops and mark it specifically if it had any form of medical components, such as a laxative.

Wrapping up

Dr Pepper says that the beverage has 23 varieties for its intriguing marketing campaign, but it refuses to tell what those tastes are.

We’re left scratching our heads and asking, “What is Dr Pepper made of?” All of this has been covered in this article. I hope it becomes useful.

We hope you liked our Dr Pepper Nutrition Facts. For more such information, follow our Blog, foodiewish.com.


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