Lucky Charms Nutrition Facts

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Lucky Charms Nutrition Facts

Around the mid-1960s, a food company called “General Mills” produced a breakfast cereal brand known all over the world nowadays as Lucky Charms. The cereals mainly contain toasted pieces of oat and multi-coloured shapes of marshmallows. The label of lucky charms is also famous. It features Lucky, a leprechaun mascot who they animate in commercials.

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Nutritional contents of Lucky Charms

Lucky Charms are not only delicious but are also really nutritious. Lucky Charms contains a good amount of sugar. In addition, it also contains vitamins and minerals. Hence, it is one of the better choices of cereals for everyone.

  • Calories and fats

Three-fourth of the cup of Lucky Charms can contain 110 calories. Adding milk to the cereals can add up more calories. However, you require more calories to start your day. According to studies, an average human requires 350 – 600 calories in their breakfast. In addition, the cereals contain 1 g of fat. However, you need much more than that in your diet.

  • Vitamins and Minerals

One serving of Lucky Charms will also give you about 50 per cent of the folic acid intake you need per day. Folic acid is essential, especially in the case of pregnant women, as it prevents defects during the birth of the baby. Per serve of the cereal also contains 25 per cent thiamin and various vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, and many more. In addition to this, it also contains minerals like zinc, iron, and many more.

  • Carbohydrates and protein

Lucky Charms also contain up to 22 g of carbohydrates per serve. Your body requires around 130 g of carbohydrates each day. It also includes 2 g of protein in one serving. Adding milk with the cereal will add more protein content to your food.

  • Sugar

The serving of Lucky Charms contains 11 g of sugar, about 19.1 to 43.6 per cent of the recommended amount per day.

  • Sodium

Lucky Charms also contain sodium. One serve may contain up to 190 mg of sodium. However, an average person should limit sodium intake in the range of 1500 to 2300 mg per day.

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Benefits of eating Lucky Charms

Cereals like Lucky Charms are always high in nutrition. They contain different vitamins, minerals, proteins, and many more. Since Lucky Charms are available throughout the year, it has been the favourite everyday breakfast for many people worldwide.

Due to various nutrients present in the Lucky charms, it prevents various diseases and helps us maintain a good lifestyle. In addition, the cereals also provide ample amounts of energy in the start to help keep us active throughout the day.

The lists of benefits from eating the Lucky Charms are given below

  • Serves as a good source of energy

Consuming food low in nutrients will eventually lead to energy depletion quicker throughout the day. On the other hand, eating cereals like Lucky Charms will provide you with ample energy to perform all kinds of activities throughout the day as it contains many nutrients.

  • Kid prefers eating

Every human, especially children, requires a lot of energy and nutrients for their day-to-day life. Considering the kind of activities they always like to perform, nutrients help them keep their energy level intact. Eating Lucky Charms every day helps ensure that the kids get around 10 per cent of the daily fibre they require throughout the day. Due to its delicious taste, kids all like to eat this cereal.

  • Acts a good source of fibre

Fibre is one of the basic requirements to perform the various function of the body. One of them is reducing the risk of heart diseases. Having enough fibre will reduce blockages in the heart, and it also helps digestion.

  • Rich source of vitamin

For maintaining healthy bones in our body, vitamins are essential. Vitamin D and calcium ensure the integrity of bones. Thus, as a cereal rich in calcium, Lucky Charms helps strengthen the bones and prevent the premature ageing of bones in our body.

  • Rich source of protein

Each human body requires an adequate amount of protein for building muscles and tissues. The proteins are also essential for blood, bones, and skin. An excellent way to meet the protein requirements in our diets is by adding Lucky Charms to our breakfast diet.

  • Rich source of minerals

Minerals are also essential elements that help our body grow and be healthy. Lucky Charms is a good source of minerals. The minerals help generate hormones in our body, help keep the heartbeat steady, and help transmit nerve pulses effectively. They also support our bones strong.

  • Help keep a healthy level of sugar in the blood.

Adding cereals like Lucky Charms and various whole grain foods to our diet helps maintain the blood sugar level. It also decreases our need to eat at short intervals.

Bottom line

Food provides us with energy and many other things. Cereals like Lucky Charms help keep a healthy diet in our lives and help give a good start in our day-to-day life.

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