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Top 10 Best Food for Weight Loss Plan

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Food for Weight Loss: If you want to lose some weight then you must follow a strict diet to do so. You need to monitor your calorie intake as well as metabolism. And it can be done only when you will follow a simple but restricted weight loss diet plan.

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Here we have given the top 10 foods which you can choose if you are in a strict weight loss plan.

1. Whole Eggs

Previously people used to think that eggs are quite bad if you have high cholesterol but it is not true. If you consume a lot of eggs in a day then it may increase your cholesterol level but for a balanced diet, you can have a minimum amount of whole eggs in your breakfast or any meal.

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Eggs have a lot of protein in it and a normal quantity of fat which will give you enough energy to go on the whole day. It can surprise your appetite and that can help you to reduce your weight quickly.

2. Leafy Greens Vegetables

Vegetables are always good for our health and if you have them regularly in a perfect amount then you can even have a good weight loss plan. They are quite low in calories and also have a lot of fiber which will improve the digestive system.

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Adding some leafy green vegetables will increase the quantity in your meals and that is why you can have a wholesome lunch or dinner by a minimum amount of calorie intake.

3. Salmon

For the people who cannot eat only vegetarian food may include fishes like salmon. This fish is quite tasty and healthy in nature and quite low in calories. It has high protein content and so many nutrients in it which will keep you healthy and help you in your weight loss plan. It also has omega 3 fatty acid which is quite good for our health.

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So if you like seafood and non-vegetarian items to get included in your meals then you can always choose Salmon in your weight loss diet plan.

4. Lean Meats

If you want to include some meat or chicken in your meal then lean meats are good options for you. They have a very low quantity of fat and also high in protein content. So you won’t have to think much about consuming fat and you will get enough protein for your living.

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There is a strong myth that you should not have meat if you want to lose weight but it is completely false and you can replace normal carbohydrates and fat from your diet plan to eat some lean meat to get enough protein.

5. Boiled Potatoes

Some people think that eating potatoes will give you a potato-like figure but that is a complete myth. Potatoes have a variety of nutrients which will make you stronger from inside and will help you to reduce some weight by keeping you full for a long time.

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It has a very rare element which is potassium which is not there in so many food items and that is why boiled potatoes are very good to have some exceptional minerals if you are in a weight loss regime.

 6. Tuna

If you want a low-calorie no vegetarian food in your meal then Tuna fish is also a great option for you. It is a lean fish and that is why you can choose it to eat a low-fat fish in your lunch or dinner.

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This fish is quite famous among all the people who are attached with fitness sector because it is a great thing to eat while you need some protein intake while you have to cut down on calories and fats. And if you are in a weight loss plan then you should have it in water and not in oil.

7. Soups

Soups are quite a nice option if you want to lose weight by your diet plan. Because they contain a lot of water which is very good for our health and also some useful vegetables and fruits are used to make it.

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The fat content is almost zero in case of soups so it is liked by all the people who want to stay fit. It has a high content of water which will make you feel full for a long time and you won’t crave for more food instantly.

 8. Avocados

Avocados are quite famous to be a weight loss of fruit because it has very low carbohydrate and a lot of healthy fats are there. It has monosaturated oleic acid which is generally found in olive oil.

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Avocados also have a lot of fibre which will keep your digestive system clear and the water content in eight will help you to reduce your appetite. So if you want to stay full for a long time then avocados are a good choice for you.

 9. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is getting a lot of popularity these days among the people because it can be used in so many ways like a normal drink or dressings for vegetables and it has a lot of usefulness end regarding weight loss.

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If you have apple cider vinegar after consuming high carbohydrate meal then you will feel full and you won’t crave for food quickly. It can also reduce the blood sugar problem and that is why if you are diabetic and also want to lose some weight then you can choose this without any tension.

10. Whole Grains

Whole grains are always good for your health if you have them every day in your breakfast. They have a lot of fibre in it which will keep your digestive system clear and you will feel lively the whole day. It is also a great choice if you want to avoid having carbohydrates because these whole grains are quite low in carbs.

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So to get a good weight loss diet plan you can include some whole-grain cereals into your breakfast.

So these were the top 10 Best Foods for Weight Loss you can include in your weight loss diet plan to have wholesome food all the time without getting fat. These are healthy and will reduce the calorie level in your body to a large extent.

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