9 Arizona Green Tea Nutrition Facts

Health9 Arizona Green Tea Nutrition Facts
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Arizona Green Tea Nutrition Facts – We bring some nutritional facts that you may not find on the internet. There isn’t much information available on the internet in general about Arizona green tea, and hence we are here to help you. We assure you that you will see the benefits of this product that you have not understood previously.

9 Amazing Arizona Green Tea Nutrition Facts

Arizona Green Tea is one of the favourite products of nutritionists. Arizona Green Tea is nothing but a dose of added honey, and the sweetness increases in your daily dose of green tea.

The nutritional content of 1 ounce of Arizona Green Tea

Here is an estimate of the nutrients you will get with every 23 ounces consumption of Arizona Green Tea. We tell you about 23 ounces because the standard cans can hold 23 ounces of Arizona green tea. Here is a detailed list of everything that you are consuming at once.

  • Total Fat- 1.3 grams
  • Cholesterol 0 mg
  • Sodium 15mg
  • Total Carbohydrates 54 grams
  • Protein 0 mg
  • Vitamin D 0mg
  • Calcium 22mg
  • Iron 0 mg
  • Potassium 37 mg
  • Caffeine 29.9 mg

Some Nutrition Facts about Arizona Green Tea

Arizona Green Tea is America’s best-selling tea, and it has been one of the most well-known and well-consumed tea over the years. We have gathered some facts that explain why this product is so well known.

  1. It tastes fantastic and is filled with goodness. It is one of the tastiest beverages you will get for tea.
  2. Arizona green tea provides instantaneous energy and keeps one alive throughout the day. This is mainly because of the presence of carbs in the tea.
  3. It also contributes to weight loss and calms the muscles very quickly,
  4. Arizona Green Tea also creates mental alertness among the adults and helps them be alert every time.
  5. Sometimes, it also helps fight heart disease and free the patient from heart risk. However, it is necessary to know the products before opting for them.
  6. These are super cheap drinks, and you can afford them anytime. This makes these drinks one of a kind and explains their popularity in the United States.
  7. You can easily taste them because they are cheap; however, they also come in a small can, so if you do not like them, you do not have to live with the feeling of wasting money.
  8. If you think that any individual shopkeeper will be able to hike the price, then it will not be possible as the price is printed in the can itself, and that gives a lot of strength to the customers and assurance of not being cheated.
  9. If you have never tried Arizona green tea, you will be addicted to it as it has potentially everything to give you that dopamine kick and make your body fit for it.

Amazon.com : Arizona Green Tea with Ginseng and Honey, 16 Fl Oz (Pack of 12) : Green Teas : Grocery & Gourmet FoodSome Amazing Arizona Green Tea Nutrition Facts

Well, you may have always wondered how exactly the Arizona Green Tea is still so cheap. So here are some of the facts about Arizona Green Tea production that will make you go gaga over this beverage.

  1. The assurances they have given regarding Arizona green tea have made people trust them.
  2. They have practically tried to shorten the cans gradually, and as a result, their cost has also decreased.
  3. The Arizona Green Tea production focuses on producing drinks with great taste. For that, they have practically cut all marketing and commercialization and have gradually focused on improving their product.
  4. They altered their cans, but they have also printed the cost on the cans to avoid charging extra from the customers.
  5. The company moves their trucks at night, which helps cut the additional cost and saves a lot. These intelligent moves help benefit the customers immensely.
  6. The production speed is second to none, and by the law of economics, they have made the demand-supply chain restored.
  7. They are pretty competitive and understand their competition, making them visionary.
  8. Lastly, their ‘Arnold Palmers’ drink makes them more famous in the market day in and day out.

These were some fun facts that you would love about your favourite Arizona Green Tea. If you are an old Arizona Green Tea lover, these are some of the inside news that will make you proud of loving such a product.


It is advised that you avoid taking too much Arizona Green Tea because the high sugar content can also be very harmful to your body at times and may create cavities in your teeth. This is necessary to take note of and follow. Other than that, it would be best if you understand your dietary needs and then go for Arizona Green Tea.

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