Benefits of Saltine Crackers In Your Life

HealthBenefits of Saltine Crackers In Your Life
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Benefits of Saltine Crackers – Saltine wafers are dainty; fresh wafers are made with the aggregation of certain ingredients such as wheat, refined oil, yeast, and different herbs. The conventional adaptation has toppings that have been seasoned with salt and hence came the name, Saltines. 

Some Lesser Known Benefits of Saltine Crackers

There are crackers that are bland, generally used in combination with dips and other side dishes. This tasteless seasoned saltine can be consumed with soups, mixed greens, cheddar, mayo, or pickles. 

The wafers are in some cases disintegrated and blended in with spread then, at that point, utilized as garnish over heated dishes or vegetables.

Saltine Crackers Ingredients

A typical Saltine cracker is made up of the following ingredients – 

  • Wheat flour or enriched flour (wheat flour, niacin, reduced iron, thiamine mononitrate [vitamin b1], riboflavin [vitamin b2], folic acid), 
  • Refined oil as in soybean oil
  •  Salt,
  • Partially hydrogenated cottonseed oil, 
  • Malt wheat or malted barley flour,
  • Corn syrup
  • Yeast, 
  • Baking soda, 
  • Vegetable monoglycerides 
  • Emulsifier
Benefits of Saltine Crackers
Benefits of Saltine Crackers

Nutritional Score of Saltine Crackers

Speaking of nutrients, our saltine crackers are nothing less. It may be a snack for pastime, but it sure does have some nutritional elements to provide. Let us check the number of nutrients from 5 crackers – 

  • Total Calories – 70, Calories from Fat 13.5 (19.3%)
  • Total Fat – 1.5 gram
  • Polyunsaturated fat – 0.5 gram
  • Potassium 15mg, 1%
  • Sodium – 150mg, 7%
  • Carbohydrates – 12g
  • Net carbs – 12g
  • Protein – 1g

Vitamins and minerals

Iron – 0.3mg, 4%

Benefits of Saltine Crackers

Once we know all about the nutrients in crackers, we can be sure that it provides some benefits. It is not only just a mere addition to your cheese charcuterie board but more than that. Come on, let us see why your saltine crackers deserve a raise – 

  • Saltine wafers are low in fat. So you won’t have an overabundance of  calories eating them.
  • Due to the carbohydrate amount, you can get energy and feel full without any added consumption of fat.
  • The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute suggests low-calorie wafers like your saltines or soft drink wafers as choices to any processed food party wafers for individuals attempting to decrease their weight.
  • It contains potassium which helps in maintaining the metabolism on point. Potassium is also a beneficial radical for a blood clot during any injury; though the amounts are more minor, it is critical. Try saltine crackers instead of heavily processed foods. It is a much safer choice.
  • The iron content in crackers will help in providing blood flow efficiently.  
  • Saltines do have other pragmatic uses that less rack stable grain items probably won’t have. Therefore, CDC also suggests including saltine wafers in your home survival packs. A decent first-aid pack consists of things that don’t need cooking or refrigeration, have a long stockpiling life, and still give the sustenance individuals need to keep their energy up.
  • A saltine cracker can be the use in case of any low blood sugar level trauma. The amount of sodium in the cracker will help you amp up the blood sugar levels to an optimum range.
  • Saltine wafers are likewise a common-sense decision for individuals engaging in affliction. 
  • As a feature of its suggestions for individuals going through any malignant growth therapy such as cancer, the National Cancer Institute suggests saltine wafers as a component of a fundamental dinner. 
  • The saltine wafers can also be a nibble for the people who have advanced beyond a fluid eating routine yet at the same time need something simple on the stomach to monitor their sickness and regurgitating.
  • Saltine wafers are likewise a decent decision as low-fiber nourishment for people battling diarrhea.

Some Other Facts about Benefits of Saltine Crackers 

Saltine Crackers are not just limited to your tea. It can be more. Due to its very basic flavor with minimal herbs and blandness it can be used in so many options. 

You can use the crackers to make the crust over a cake or within any layer. The crunchy flavor of the crackers makes it blend with the primary flavors quite lovely. 

Crackers can also make the crunchy layer for any fried item. Here is a quick recipe for you all. Take a bland saltine cracker and crumble it down to dust. Make sure it is pretty crumbly, then keep it aside. Next, take your chicken to marinate it with flour, water, corn-starch, herbs, and seasonings of your choice. Then dip the chicken pieces in the layer of crumbled crackers to form a crust and air fries them. Trust the process, and you will get yourself a homemade crispy chicken. 

You can use the cracker with jam on the top of it. 


The addition of crackers in your life will bring endless choices. It can be the alternative for any high-fat, non-healthy snack you try to snack upon. This notably does not give off many ingredients, but being less in fat does not promote any weight gain. Thus, it can be a good snack while coming out of the gym. What do you think?

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