8 Amazing Corned Beef Nutrition Facts

Health8 Amazing Corned Beef Nutrition Facts
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Amazing Corned Beef Nutrition Facts You Won’t Like To Miss!

"corned beef nutrition facts""

Be it St. Patrick’s Day celebrations or a regular day at home, you can always choose to opt for corned beef. The dish is not only delicious but also nutritious. The term ‘corned’ is used because of the sprinkling of grains or corn of salt, allspice, garlic, and laurel leaf. All these seem to add to the intense flavor of corned beef.

You can choose to prepare Corned Beef at the comfort of your home and do not need to wait till St. Patrick’s Day to enjoy the dish. There are a couple of recipes that will also help you add more nutritional value to the dish and can also add more elegance and taste to the dish. However, before any of that, it is always better to check and understand the nutritional and health value of a dish like corned beef. This will help you understand the true value of a rich and elegant meal like that of corned beef.

Now, let’s have a look at the amazing corned beef nutrition facts in detail.

Corned Beef Nutrition Facts Chart – (1 serving size piece of Corned Beef)

  1. Calories – 803
  2. Fat – 60.7g
  3. Cholesterol – 313.6mg
  4. Potassium – 464mg
  5. Sodium – 3628.8mg
  6. Carbohydrate – 1.5g
  7. Proteins – 58.1g

Here’s a more detailed chart on Corned beef nutrition facts for reference.

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Interesting Corned Beef Nutrition Facts

  1. Protein helps in building muscle tissues and also provides you with energy and the right kind of nutrition for keeping you and your body active. Having enough proteins also helps repair the tissues in your muscles and helps you accelerate your healing process, and in process, making you stronger than before. A single serving of corned beef will be sufficient amounts of protein required by you in a day. However, not everyone can eat a complete serving of corned beef, so you can choose to cut small pieces of servings and have the dish accordingly.
  2. Freshly cooked corned beef boasts a good amount of Vitamin B12. This vitamin is known to help in the proper functioning of your nervous system. However, please take note, a canned corned beef will not provide you with the same health benefits. So, choose accordingly and opt for a healthier and nutritious option.
  3. Corned Beef is also rich in iron. Doctors prescribe iron to those patients who suffer from anemia. People who suffer from anemia tend to get tired easily, feel weak, and have low hemoglobin levels. A proper serving of corned beef can help you achieve your daily target of iron intake and also help maintain a better and fit body. Corned beef is not just good in taste, but is also beneficial for maintaining a healthy diet and a proper body.
  4. Not many are aware of this fact, but corned beef is also rich in another ingredient known as selenium. This nutrient helps maintain and keep a check on your thyroid levels. Selenium is required for the successful metabolism of the thyroid hormones within your body. A healthy intake of selenium can also help prevent thyroid and can also help maintain a healthy and nutritious lifestyle for all.
  5. Who doesn’t want to lose weight and maintain a healthy diet to keep their weight in check? While losing weight, no one wants to sacrifice all kinds of food. You will need proper food that should be rich in all kinds of nutrients that will help you build some muscles as well. Corned beef can be tweaked to be prepared in such a way that it also helps you with your diet. If you want gluten-free, low in carbs, high on proteins, then you will need to instruct beforehand, so that the dish is prepared well within their hour. Corned beef indeed seems like one of the best dishes you can have even when you are on diet.
  6. Corned beef is high in sodium. This sodium is responsible for causing heart diseases, kidney issues, and other ailments. Too much sodium consumption can lead to such consequences. So, it is recommended to keep a close watch on your intake of corned beef especially if you have had heart-related issues, or if your kidney is weak.
  7. Another point of consideration should the number of fats in corned beef. Fats are known to increase the cholesterol levels in your body that again is not good for the proper functioning of the heart. A dish like corned beef has nutritional value and a few pointers that you should be careful about.
  8. Corned beef must be prepared at 145 degrees Fahrenheit for healthier and juicier beef. In the meanwhile, the leftovers of the corned beef can be wrapped and packed in the refrigerator. Such leftovers can be used for the next 3 to 4 days. However, if you choose to keep it in the freezer, the corned beef can work for almost 2 to 3 months.

Final Words

Corned beef has become a favorite for all Americans. Whether you prepare the dish at home or wait for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, Corned beef has been loved and cherished by all generations and the love will continue in the future as well.

We hope you found this article on corned beef nutrition facts helpful.

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