Corona Light Nutrition Facts

HealthCorona Light Nutrition Facts
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Who doesn’t like unwinding with a chilled beer after a hectic day at work? Who doesn’t like chilling out with their friends on the weekends, enjoying each other’s company, sharing their stories with a chilled beer in hand? Who doesn’t like watching a movie in the comfort of their homes with a beer in their hands?

Well, beer helps you relax and rejuvenate in more ways than one. You can just unwind, sit back, relax, and enjoy the chilled beer in hand. There are a number of beers readily available in the market. However, this becomes all the more necessary for you to choose the right kind of beer which will suit your body type and will help you unwind without having the hassles and troubles of a hangover, or a bad headache.

Corona Light is a light beer that has comparatively lower alcohol content, as well as is low on calories. If you are worried that you may gain weight by drinking beer, then you should definitely give Corona Light a try. 

Nutritional Content of 12 oz of Corona Light

  1. Calories – 100
  2. Carbohydrates – 5g
  3. Proteins – 1g

Nutritional and health benefits of Corona Light

  1. Moderate drinking of Corona Light can help improve your heart. As per a study, beer seems to reduce risks and diseases related to the human heart. Moderate drinking in an adult human has shown an improvement in developing the antioxidant properties in HDL cholesterol which is considered to be good cholesterol. This also further results in removing the body’s ability to remove as well as reduce bad cholesterol. Further studies have also shown that moderate drinking of light beer can also reduce heart diseases the same way a glass of wine does. However, one must also keep in mind that this pertains to only moderate drinking of light beer. Any heavy consumption of beer or alcohol may result in increased heart diseases and risks.
  2. Moderate drinking of Corona light is also beneficial for people who are suffering from diabetes. The light or moderate consumption of beer helps in reducing blood pressure and also helps in reducing the need to take insulin. Beers are known to help prevent type-2 diabetes in patients, and thus appear to be beneficial only when taken in little or moderate quantities. However, do make a note any alcoholic drink with high sugar content can lead to further complications for those who are suffering from diabetes. So, it is better to opt for light beer than any other alcoholic drink.
  3. Moderate consumption of beer also helps in improving your bone density. Recent studies have gone to show how light beers also help in improving your bone structure as well as your bone density. Many studies also show that moderate consumption of light beer is especially good for the postmenopausal women to help them maintain a strong posture and is good for their bones overall.
  4. A few studies have even concluded that moderate drinking of light beer can help reduce the risks of having dementia. The effects of a light beer with comparatively less alcohol and sugar content are helpful for causing disease like dementia. So, why think twice before going for a chilled Corona Light beer?
  5. Corona Light has no or less sugar content. If you are thinking of enjoying a drink without having to worry about the extra pounds you will add to your weight, then Corona Light is the drink for you. Any sugar content or alcohol content drink tends to increase in weight and you may have to reduce your diet if you choose to consume these other drinks. However, you will need to keep a close check on how many beers you are consuming. Because anything extra will only have dire consequences.
  6. Corona Light contains 100 calories. This is good, as many studies have shown taking a liquid form of calories works faster in increasing your body’s strength and boosting your energy in a much faster and quicker way. However, some people are also of the opinion that drinking light beer is nothing but liquid calories which do more harm to the body than help him. However, beer offers fibers, and also has antioxidants that are good for your health. So, maybe you will need to rethink before you switch from your regular beer.
  7. Consumption of light beer at the right end of your day can also help you unwind, rejuvenate and relax. Corona Light is considered to be a great stress buster.
  8. Drinking moderate amounts of beer has also shown an improvement in one’s memory. The studies argue that drinking beer can help prevent dementia or even help retain one’s memory in themselves.


Corona Light is one of the most popular brands in the United States when it comes to Light Beer. However, please consider the above pointers before you jump to unwind and relax from a hard day at work. You can now relax, sit back and relax with a chilled beer. 

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