Health Wonderful Crumble Cookies Nutrition Facts!

Wonderful Crumble Cookies Nutrition Facts!

Homemade chocolate chip cookies. Free public domain CC0 photo.

Comfort food is always good, but you always end up worrying about the calorie count and the weight it will add to your body. Cookies are comfort food for many, and many even like to snack on cookies. Crumble Cookies are famous for the variety of cookie flavours it offers. Crumble Cookies also are famous for being a great place to hang out with friends and family and just have a quiet and sweet evening. 

Cookies are one of America’s favourite desserts. It is easily available, even you can choose to make cookies at the comfort of your home and with ingredients readily available in the market. Crumble Cookies even offers some healthy cookie alternatives which are low on calorie count and will help satisfy your sweet tooth. But before you decide on cutting down on your cookie intake you should look at the nutritional content of Crumble Cookies.

Let’s have a look at the amazing Crumble Cookies nutrition facts chart in detail.

How Many Calories Are In Crumble Cookies?

The precise values may be seen below. Let’s try to understand the calorie content in grams in these cookies.

    1. Calorie – 640
    2. Fat – 30g
    3. Cholesterol – 106mg
    4. Sodium – 200mg
    5. Carbs – 82g
    6. Proteins – 8g

Here’s a more detailed chart on Crumble cookies nutrition facts for reference.

Also, you can try the Great American Cookies, freshly baked and comes with a double fudge and chocolate chip flavor.

"crumble cookies nutrition facts"

Crumble Cookies Nutrition Facts – (Health Benefits Of Crumble Cookies)

"crumble cookies nutrition facts"

  1. Crumble Cookies are high in calories. And you need to watch out for the calorie intake when you crave a Crumble Cookie. There are a variety of flavors offered by Crumble Cookie, some of which are high on calorie count, and some of which are a little less on the calorie count. However, if you are following a diet and want to stay healthy, then one cookie on a cheat day will make up for all the junk food you can afford to consume for that day. Keeping in mind that cookies satisfy your sweet tooth, a Crumble Cookie will help you a long way.
  2. Cookies are high in sugar content as well. Any processed food which pertains to your sweet tooth has sugar content or added sweet preservatives. The preservatives and artificial sugar are not good for health and when taken in large amounts can lead to heart ailments. The sweet treats are tasty yet you will need to keep a check on your cookie intake. Too much sugar is not good for your health, so you need to be careful.
  3. Cookies are also high in fats and trans-fat. But the saturated Fats offered by cookies are unhealthy and can raise your cholesterol levels. It can also lead to heart diseases as well. Crumble Cookies are also high in fat. Cookies usually do not offer any healthy alternatives where you can eat a cookie and expect to be healthy. So, it is always better to keep a look-out for the kind of fats you are consuming while you choose to eat a cookie. 
  4. An excess amount of sodium can lead to increased blood pressure which is not good for your health. But the amount of sodium contained in a Crumble Cookie is not of any concern. Having said that, do keep a check on the intake of the cookies. You do not want to satisfy your sweet tooth and consume cookies which will increase the sodium intake in your body. So, you will need to be careful in the number of cookies you end up eating.
  5. Carbs are good for maintaining a healthy diet. Crumble Cookies offer a minimum amount of carbs. However, considering the number of fats and sugar associated with a cookie is much higher than the carbs. So, consider wisely before giving in to your cravings for sweets and ending up eating cookies for desserts.
  6. Crumble Cookies also contain proteins. It is believed that proteins are a good source of energy and even help repair cells in your body. Crumble Cookies also contain protein but not in a higher amount. The major concern comes when cookies that are high in preservatives and artificial sugars are compared with healthy food alternatives which offer similar nutritional value. Crumble Cookies do have proteins, but their organization skills are lacking. 
  7. Cookies can be made to be healthier desserts too. You can opt for gluten-free cookies, which may be high on proteins, and do not use white flour. Crumble Cookies offer a variety of such cookies which you can opt for. You can always satisfy your sweet cravings and be able to maintain a healthy diet as well.

Final Words

Cookies are everyone’s favorite. You make them at home, and you can even get them from your favorite bakery store. Cookies are everywhere. You can have them as snacks, at your favorite tea time, and even for desserts. There is one peculiarity about cookies, if you dip cookies in your cup of hot tea, even after 2-3 dips, the cookie will not crumble and fall. Crumble Cookies even offer for you to sit in their restaurant and have hot cookies with hot milk or other beverage and enjoy the night. Crumble Cookie is a good way to satisfy your sweet tooth and your need for something sweet.



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