5 Amazing Papa Murphy’s Nutrition Facts!

Health5 Amazing Papa Murphy's Nutrition Facts!
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Papa Murphy’s Nutrition Facts – Pizza has become a staple food in every household. Be it a party, a football game, casual dinner dates, or just for dinners. Papa Murphy’s Restaurant is famous for its different varieties of pizza and how they serve it.

Papa Murphy’s Nutrition Facts!

Papa Murphy’s innovative style of serving pizza which you can bake at your house in your oven has been a great success. “Take N Bake” pies have been responsible for making pizza easy at home with that traditional aroma and taste coming from the comfort of your kitchen. Such pizzas are completely customizable and can choose from the sauce to the toppings, the crust, and the add-ons. You can opt for a nutritious pizza variant with the toppings keeping your pizza healthy and nutritious.

Now, Let’s have a look at the amazing Papa Murphy’s nutrition facts chart in detail.

Papa Murphy's Named Best Pizza in US

Papa Murphy’s Calories – (The nutritional content of Thin Crust Large Papa Murphy’s Pizza)

How many calories are in a Papa Murphy’s Pizza? The precise values may be seen below. Let’s try to understand the calorie content in grams in this delicious pizza.

  • Fat – 14g
  • Carbs – 18g
  • Calories – 240
  • Fibre – 0.5g
  • Protein – 12g
  • Sodium – 570mg
  • Cholesterol – 35mg
  • Calcium – 200mg
  • Iron – 2mg
  • Vitamin A – 400mg

Here’s a more detailed chart on Papa Murphy’s nutrition facts for reference.

Interesting Papa Murphy’s Nutrition Facts – (Nutritional & Health Benefits)

Papa Murphy’s offers a variety of pizzas you can choose from. You can choose from gluten-free to vegetarian to even vegan alternatives. To cut down on your calorie intake, you can also opt for a thin-crust pizza. Please make note the stuffed crust pizzas are double the number of calories, carbohydrates, and fat. However, you can add vegetables to add that extra nutrient value to your pizza.

  1. Crustless or thin-crust pizzas are comparatively a healthier choice of pizza, especially if you consider the calorie intake. Mostly stuffed crust or pan crust pizzas are high on butter and cheese. So, if you are looking for a healthier and more nutritious option, you should opt for thin-crust pizzas. Also, family-style pizzas are better than large pizzas if you share them with a big group of friends or family.
  2. Papa Murphy’s Thin Large Garden Veggie Slice is considered the most nutritious and healthy of all pizzas available. It has only 170 calories with 8g of proteins and 8g of fat. The thin-crust pizza helps watch out for those extra calories, and if you opt for only vegetables on your pizza, you save yourself from the excess carbohydrates.
  3. The most nutritious and healthy option from Papa Murphy’s is the XLNY Family pizza which has only 210 calories, 21g carbohydrates, 11g protein, and 11g fat. You can opt for a thin crust for the XLNY, and also it has 50 calories less than the second-lowest calorie pizza in the Papa Murphy’s family.
  4. If you want to opt for a gluten-free, low-calorie, keto-friendly diet and still want to have a pizza, then you can choose Papa Murphy’s Crustless Pizza. In the Crustless Pizza category, you will find Mediterranean, meat, and chicken options. 
  5. Under appetizers, Marinara sauce from Papa Murphy’s is considered the most nutritious one. It only offers 80 calories with 3g of fat. You can use Marinara sauce as a dipping for your pizza without worrying about adding extra calories to your diet.

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Some Essential Tips To Get a Healthy And Nutritious Pizza From Papa Murphy’s

While choosing a pizza of your own choice, here are a few tips which you can use at your convenience to make the pizza a nutritious and healthy one.

  1. Check for the crust of the pizza– The crust is the base of a pizza, and ensuring you opt for the correct crust type matters the most when it comes to reducing your calorie intake. Opting for a thin crust or a crustless pizza is just the correct answer for you.
  2. Look for good toppings on your pizza– To reduce the calorie intake, you can always opt for vegetables to be added to your pizza. The vegetables will add more nutritious value and will help you reduce your calorie intake. However, if you opt for meat or chicken, keep checking the calorie count and avoid any extra cheese or butter.
  3. Avoid opting for cheese and butter products in your pizza– This will only add to the calorie intake you have been meaning to avoid while opting for a healthy and nutritious meal.

Bottom Line

  1. Also, if you are lactose intolerant, you need to keep in mind the ingredients you opt for while ordering your favourite pizza from Papa Murphy’s. 
  2. Gluten-free pizzas are very much available at Papa Murphy’s. Feel free to opt for a gluten-free pizza and enjoy a healthy and nutritious meal.


Pizza has become the staple food that people turn to for comfort too. However, keeping a close check on the calorie intake and avoiding extra fats or carbohydrates is the way to go by opting for a healthy and nutritious Papa Murphy’s pizza.

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