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Amazing Rum Nutrition Facts – There’s a reason why people spend money purchasing Rum. Rum is among the oldest obtainable spirits, famous in Caribbean culture and tradition and British Navy history. Sea sailors and war Armies considered rum consumption their lifesaver until the past few decades.

Amazing Rum Nutrition Facts

Who shall forget the famous ‘rum tot’ offered to the sailors to aid them in warming their bones and bodies? At some point, the Consumption of Rum was regarded as an essential beverage for individuals at sea. However, now that you’ve learned about Rum’s history, let’s go through some rum nutrition facts.

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Rum Nutrition Calories Count

A single rum serving is called one jigger or one shot, and one shot is usually 42 grams or 1.5 ounces of liquid. The below rum nutrition facts are presented by the United States Department For Agriculture, i.e., USDA for 1.5 ounce/ 42 grams or one shot of Rum:

  • Fats: 0
  • Calories: 97
  • Carbohydrates: 0
  • Sodium: 0.42
  • Alcohol: 14 gram
  • Protein: 0
  • Sugars: 0
  • Fibre: 0

Here you can find the detailed chart of rum nutrition facts for a detailed understanding.

Some Quick Rum Nutrition Facts

  • There are 0 carbohydrates in a single rum serving and zero fibres. As this beverage, Rum is distilled; there is no organically occurring sugar. There’s no added sugar as well.
  • Some of the flavoured Rum might comprise additional substances which can differ the nutritional facts. Furthermore, on making a cocktail along with Rum, it is feasible that you’ll include any ingredient which adds carbs to your beverage.
  • The glycemic indicator of Rum is considered to be zero. However, Rum has zero carbs, while the glycemic index estimates the impact of the carbs on blood sugar.
  • Rum offers no protein and no fats. Nevertheless, most rum-associated drinks, such as piña colada, have several fatty ingredients.
  • As Rum doesn’t contain fats, protein, and carbs, you may think about the calories arising from it. Rum offers alcohol of around 14 grams, whereas per gram of alcohol offers seven calories. Hence, all rum calories originate from alcohol on direct Consumption or with ice.
  • Moderate Consumption of Rum is beneficial for your heart. It presents you with a solid and healthy heart. Furthermore, it minimizes your body’s cholesterol level.
  • Rum is an excellent beverage for the prevention of outlying artery diseases. It also acts as a blood thinner, preventing heart diseases and heart attacks and combating artery blockages. 
  • You won’t gain multiple micronutrients on its Consumption even though trace minerals are present in rum-like zinc, phosphorus, iron, and potassium.
  • Regularly drinking one tablespoon of Rum minimizes one’s blood sugar level. The medicinal properties of Rum are known to be beneficial in reducing diabetes risk.
  • Moderate rum consumption and help combat muscle pain. Individuals having muscle aches can consume Rum as it aids in increasing the body’s bone minerals. This helps in averting osteoporosis and muscle pain and further reducing arthritis. Thus, strong bones are the route to solid muscles, where Rum shall aid you in combating minor muscle aches. 
  • Consuming a tiny rum portion can provide comfort to a sore throat. Consumption of one or two tablespoons of Rum per day can aid in treating the common cold because of the high antibacterial properties of Rum that aids in curing colds efficiently.

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Some Lesser Known Rum Nutrition Facts

  • Rum is the foremost branded spirit that came into existence. It was distilled in the Caribbean around the 1620s. 
  • Rum secures its place at the largest Rum Distillery As yet. 
  • It is the prime alcohol that was manufactured and utilized for non-medical motives.
  • Rum is considered a fantastic antiseptic! You may utilize it in cleaning wounds. It further prevents bacterial growth and acts as an active painkiller on topical application and consumption. 
  • Around the 1800s, women applied Rum on their hair as a nourishing liquid because it is amazingly effective in hair fall control. It even increases the density and thickness of hair. 
  • As per historians, around the 18th century, sailors used Rum as their benefits package instead of currency. 
  • Sugarcane juice is the elementary sugar source in Rum. As per professionals, you can distil this sugar from molasses, cane syrup, or fresh juices.
  • Even before the 1970s, the Royal Navy was accustomed to giving out rum ration as Rum was considered very effective in fighting away the dreadful scurvy. However, it was banned later on when professionals discovered that rum consumption could give rise to unsteady hands while operating machinery.

Closing Thoughts

Rum is among the most crucial products you’ll discover at any house bar. Rum is an essential ingredient when this arrives at Daiquiri, Mojito, Last Midnight, and many more. While all other alcohols are restricted to moderate Consumption, there’s no opposition to the fact that Rum has a strong effect that can go far, being alcohol provides nutritional advantages. Hence, next time without even thinking about which cocktail you’ll order, regard what Rum can offer.

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