Nutrition Facts About Vanilla Extract!

HealthNutrition Facts About Vanilla Extract!
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Vanilla extract tends to be one of the most amazing sweet and fragrant flavors. This is a very commonly used extracted edible flavor along with some caramelly taste. Additionally, Vanilla extract also has a very savory smell that can easily amuse someone. But all this is just not enough, Vanilla adds to be many nutritious values.  So, here are some vanilla extract nutrition facts that make Vanilla to be a very unique extract filled with nourishment. 

What is Vanilla Extract?

Notably, the Vanilla extract is more likely to be a natural product obtained out of the vanilla pods, dipped in the water and ethyl alcohol solution. However, the virgin vanilla extract flavors are extracted from vanillin, the molecules found within the vanilla beans. 

Significantly, the majority of the vanilla extracts that are available in the market are pure with no synthetic by-products. Nevertheless, these extracts also have some sweeteners which are trivial. In terms of production, the vanilla extracts are full of more nutrition along with the refined vanilla savor. Hence, all this makes the Vanilla extract to be more expensive in comparison to the vanilla essence.

Vanilla Extract Nutrition Facts Chart

  • Calories
12 milligrams
  • Protein
3 milligrams
  • Fat
3 milligrams
  • Sugar
531 milligrams
  • Carbohydrates
531 milligrams
  • Fiber
0 milligrams
  • Sodium 
0.4 milligrams


Here’s a more detailed Vanilla extract nutrition facts chart for your reference.

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"vanilla extract nutrition facts"

Vanilla Extract Nutrition Facts

  1. Vanilla Extracts are rich in vanillin, a phenolic compound that is highly affluent in antioxidants and anti-cancer properties. 
  2. The extracts are chiefly composed of some complex and simple sugars, vitamins, minerals, and other essential oils. 
  3. Additionally, it also contains caproic acid, phenol ether, alcohols, esters, and aromatic carbohydrates. 
  4. If consumed with drinks, then the vanilla extracts also produce some aphrodisiac effects. It helps in treating sexual dysfunctions by establishing its role.
  5. Vanilla extracts are also the source of many components like aliphatic carbohydrates, eugenol, lactones, and also vitispiranes.  
  6. The vanilla extracts also have some quantity of B-complex Vitamin groups. They are thiamin, vitamin B-6, pantothenic acid, niacin which boosts the nervous system functionality. All these Vitamins are helpful in the synthesis of enzymes, maintain the metabolism of the body.
  7. The extract is also home to little fragments of minerals like magnesium, manganese, iron, calcium, zinc, and potassium. Notably, potassium is a significant part of human cells and body fluids. It plays an important role in controlling blood pressure and heart rate.
  8. It also has some antibacterial properties that enhance the body’s immune system and decrease stress levels. 
  9. When consumed along with warm water, vanilla extract is also beneficial for respiratory-related problems. It gives relief from cough, cold by offering a neurotic effect and covers the throat. 

Few more Nutritional claims of Vanilla Extract

  1. Vanilla extract also has a few anti-inflammatory and Neuroprotective. Thus, it also maintains the brain and helps in its protection from neurodegenerative diseases.
  2. The extract is highly helpful in treating the skin inflammation that occurs due to psoriasis.
  3. It helps in the prevention of cell damage related to inflammation and reduces inflammatory markers such as tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-α) and some interleukin-6 (IL-6)  in blood and liver tissues. 
  4. Use of Vanilla extracts along with a drink decreases the added sugar consumption.
  5. The regular intake of Vanilla extract added with drinks also leads to reduced cholesterol levels. Thus, the people who have been exposed to the risks of heart attack and strokes must include it in their regular intake. Thus, the vanilla extract prevents tenderness in veins and arteries.
  6. Vanilla extract has healing properties and prevents the malfunction of cells and body tissues. 
  7. Vanilla is a boon to the people who aim to lose weight and get a perfect body shape. This happens due to its natural appetite curbing properties. 
  8. Digestion is also improved with the consumption of Vanilla extract by adding it to the herbal tea. It immediately calms the gut inflammation and reduces digestion-related problems. 

Final Words

Noting further, it is clear that Vanilla extracts are just not confined to their flavor and savory benefits. Hence, vanilla tends to be a very healthy and beneficial extract for the human body, It not only has the most amazing flavoring properties but is also filled with numerous nutritional values.

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