Lifestyle 6 Amazing Traditional Indian Drinks for Summer Season!

6 Amazing Traditional Indian Drinks for Summer Season!

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India is a cultural country with shades of beautiful heritage. While talking about foods and drinks, our country has splendid and rich herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables.

Moreover, our natives know how to bring delicacy, chilling effect and taste to satiate our thirst and hunger.

When the temperature and humidity of India increases in summer, the mercury starts setting new records in our country every year. As we know India is a humid country, so at this time staying hydrated is required. Our body starts craving for chilling effect to cool down the humidity in summer.

Air Conditioners and refrigerators are not enough to cool you down if you do not taste a refreshing drink on a sultry scorching afternoon.

So, from the ancient time to the modern generation, our mother, grandmother and aunts counter the hotness of the summer season by serving traditional and refreshing non-alcoholic drinks of India, which is common for every season.

Beat the Heat with Summer Chilling Drinks

Most of the natural homemade refreshment drinks are made of thirst-quenching fruits, spices, milk, yogurt and herbs to beat the sultry summer and boost up energy. If your body craves for coolness, quench your thirst with some flavorful natural hydration drinks and cold water.

Each refreshing drinks has its origin popularity and benefits. Want to know how? Have a glimpse on the list of the thirst-quenchers:

1. Shikanji (Lemon Water)

Whenever we think to beat the heat and energize our body, the name of Nimbu Pani (Lemon Drink) comes in our mind. The other names of this drink are Lemonade and Shikanji. Originated from Meerut and Delhi, this famous cool refreshing drink is popular globally along with India.

Traditional Indian Drinks for Summer - Shikanji (Lemon Water)
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This drink not only cools down you from the hot summer, but it provides energy to your body, flush out toxins and boost up your immunity. You can drink plain Lemonade with cold water or you can make it with cumin powder and salt and name it Masala Shikanji.

Some people add ginger, coriander or mint to increase its flavor and change their taste. Do you want to serve it to your guest and beat the hotness? So, why don’t you try the recipe of Lemonade today by adding lemon, spices, herbs and cold water in your favorite glass or jug?

2. Aam Panna (Green Mango Drink)

Mango is the king of fruits that we can eat both raw and ripe. Aam Panna is one of the famous refreshment chilling drinks originated from Lucknow. In ancient India, this drink was served to the kings. Moreover, our grandmother also use to serve it when we come from outside.

Traditional Indian Drinks for Summer - Aam Panna (Green Mango Drink)
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This chilling drink is used to cherish our desire and satiate our thirst with a delicious taste for many centuries.

To make this drink, you just need to boil green raw mangoes and mix up the boiled pulp with sugar, cumin powder, pepper, a pinch of salt and serve it with ice in a glass.

This traditional refreshment drink in India is good for your intestine and digestion. Also, it provides you with healthy skin and hairs along with energy.

3. Lassi/Chhachh (Butter Milk)

Since ancient time period, Lassi is a traditional drink of Punjab which is made of curd. Today, this drink is worldwide popular for quenching the thirst in summer days.

Traditional Indian Drinks for Summer - Lassi
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We know curd is beneficial to our health because it helps in cutting fat from your body, digesting, boosting immunity, storing energy and cooling you down. So, Indians love to make refreshment drink known as Lassi.

You need to add sugar or honey and blend the curd to make Lassi. Serve it with dry fruits or nuts in a giant-size glass when your guests come from humid weather. Lassi is one of the charms of various festivals such as Holi, Diwali and Shivratri.

Chhachh (Butter Milk)
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Another form of Lassi is Chhaach or Buttermilk. It is a salted version of Lassi. You need to add mint leaves, salt, asafetida, green chilli, pepper and ginger for taste. This refreshing drink brings a chilling effect and it also helps you digest.

4. Ganne Ka Ras (Sugarcane Juice)

Sugarcane is a natural energy booster, which is famous in every part of India. This Indian refreshing drink can be made by adding ginger juice and a pinch of salt.

Ganne Ka Ras (Sugarcane Juice)
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Sugarcane juice beats the heat and humidity of summer season. It provides the nutrition of carbohydrates and detoxifies your body. However, diabetic and obese people should avoid drinking this juice because much sugar consumption is not good for their health.

5. Sattu Drink

This traditional summer drink is made of Chana (black gram) and Jaun (maize). Black Gram or Maize is blended and the powder is known as Sattu. It is one of the famous drinks originated from Bihar.

Sattu Drink
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Nowadays, people of every state in India love drinking Sattu Sherbet (drink) because it helps you remain hydrated in summer. It also acts as breakfast and satiates your thirst and hunger together.

Moreover, Sattu drink helps in flushing out the toxins of your body and curing constipation problem. You can add lemon juice and salt as per your taste after mixing the powder with cold water.

6. Bel Sharbat

Bael/bel is an Indian hard fruit from outside and pulpy from inside. You need to break the orange-yellow portion and scoop out the pulp in a container. Churn the pulp in a blender by removing the seed, and then add cold water, a spoon of sugar and salt as per taste. You can also add lemon juice to make the sharbat or juice tastier.

Bel Sharbat
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This fruit is available in summer season and during Shivratri – the birth ceremony of Lord Shiva. Since many years, Bael is offered to Lord Shiva, as people say it is the favorite fruit of the deity.

Bael Sharbat helps you stay hydrated, beat the hot effect of summer, keep your enzymes healthy, help your digestion and provide energy.

Final Thoughts

After going through the interesting drink, what have you decided? Which is your favorite drink for this scorching summer season? We hope you will try these Traditional Indian Drinks for Summer Season in your home for your family and your guests.

Have fun, and enjoy the delicious refreshments to quench your thirst.




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