Fat Feminism and Indian Society

Fat feminism is a movement that started because of the biasness according to the weight of women. Sometimes we face a lot of biasness because of our weight and that is wrong because body-shaming is itself a curse to society.

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Some feminists started this social movement which also intersects the concept of Michigan II and sexism involved with anti-fat biasness. So this movement was started to encourage the women against body-shaming. Sometimes even plus-size models are treated badly in the ramp because the thin models get extra attention.

This matter to a very wrong turn when some models started walking the ramp free of cost. Because they were told that because of their size they have to bring their lingerie.

So this was a very big issue regarding fat feminism. And this issue comes from the socially forward people the most and that is the issue of concern.

So fat feminism is kind of a wrong influence in society and it spreads a lot of negativity among the people who are of plus size. So we should all connect and stop body shaming the people who are not perfect. Because even imperfection is also a beauty on its own.

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