Full Week Healthy Lunch Box Recipes for Kids

LifestyleFull Week Healthy Lunch Box Recipes for Kids
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Lunch Box Recipes for Kids: Lunchtime is a fun time, not only for kids but also for adults. And it gets exciting when we have our favorite food at lunch. As a kid, I usually hated the idea of getting the same food over the week. So as the case for all my peers. But thankfully mothers of these generations pay important attention to meeting the wishes of their young ones to a great extent. If mothers don’t pay attention to their child’s wishes, the kid may end up bringing back the lunch box full without even touching the items inside.

Mothers these days are usually smart in handling their kids, hence they have looked for ways in making their kid’s lunch boxes not only healthy but also full of fun. This not only makes the kid happy but healthy side by side.

So here is a list of some healthy and tasty weekly food menus which will help in the stuffing kid’s lunch box with delicious taste:

1. French toast on Monday: This is one of the delicious and full of healthy content lunch ideas one can incorporate at the beginning of the week. The items involved in this menu are egg, butter, and bread slices. It is clear from the content list that how healthy this lunch idea is. Egg provides protein while butter and bread help in giving energy all day long.

2. Egg toast on Tuesday: This menu on Tuesday is sure to bring a smile on your kid’s face. With toasted bread slices and an omelet in the middle is very yummy in its own unique way. Mom’s can apply tomato ketchup smilies on the top of the bread to make it attractive.

3. Fried rice on Wednesday: If you make it a habit of sending your kid with fried rice every Wednesday, your kid will definitely look forward to having lunch every Wednesday with great excitement. This fried rice recipe is not that Chinese special restaurant like a recipe.

It is full of healthy ingredients such as green onion, 2 eggs, and rice. You can add potatoes too in this preparation, it’s completely optional. Fry the chopped green onions in cooking oil in low steam till it turns brown in color. Once the color has changed add the egg into the cooking pan directly then mix the items until it is fried properly.

Then add a little bit of butter into the mixture. Add rice then fry everything until it is fully cooked. The smell of this item is amazingly yummy.

4. Noodles on Thursday: This is also a very great idea for a lunch box. Make the noodles in the old traditional method of cooking, by boiling the noodles first and then proceeding with frying the vegetables and then adding all the items and frying it till it smells edible.

It is sure to make your kid eat all the vegetates that you are putting in this preparation. Kids tend to avoid eating vegetables while they are served with home meals. But with noodles vegetables tastes a lot tastier. It is an easy method to make your kid eat vegetables.

5. Fruit juice and egg omelet on Friday: Send your kid with their favorite fruit juice and two egg omelets on Fridays. The fruit juice will definitely help in maintaining the hydration level in your child and will also help in keeping the tummy full. The double egg omelet will serve a great deal providing a healthy and tasty lunch.

So this is a weekly idea one can incorporate in their kid’s lunch boxes. This ides is sure to make your kid and you both happy.


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