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Homemade Fresh Apple Juice Recipe

Apple Juice Recipe

Apple Juice Recipe: A famous saying “An Apple a day keeps the Doctor Away”. Yes, it is true. Among many fruits, apple is considered as the strongest and healthiest fruit. This is one of the “Best Fruit Juice”.

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China occupies the first place as an apple producer and the USA comes next. You can find varieties of apples like “red apple, Fuji apples, gala apples” and many. Each apple contributes its benefits to health.

People have different choices in drinking juices but the most common and favorite is apple juice.

Do you want to know the advantages of having apple juice?

The usages are it avoids asthma, improves the digestion problems, decrease the cholesterol levels, strengthens the bones, enhances the immunity power, and recovers the eye issues. Apple juice is one of the best and healthy fruit juices.

Apple juice also has magnificent benefits in the beauty field. It gives a good solution to hair and skin. It makes the hair shiny and makes the skin to be glower.

The juices which are available outside streets are not that good to health as it lowers the nutritional value. So the preparation of apple juice at home has full benefits. Drinking of Apple juice is good for diabetes as they have fiber content and mostly Green apple is preferred.

Nowadays organic apples are not available instead sprayed apples are being in the market. It should be properly chosen in order to avoid health issues.

Making the right choice of the apples does not even need sugar as the apple itself is sweet. The homemade apple juice gives a pleasant taste with freshness.

Ingredients required for Apple Juice Recipe:

  • Apples – 2
  • Sugar – If required

Apple Juice Recipe Preparation:

  • Make sure to wash the apple in order to kill germs and pest if the fruit is inorganic.
  • Cut the apple into pieces such that it fits the jar.
  • Now the pieces of apple can be put in a juicer (peeling of apple is optional).
  • Before blending it in the juicer, remove the seeds if needed.
  • Now on the mixer and churn till the content in the juicer gets soft.
  • Now juice is ready. Pour it into the serving glass from the juicer.
  • The tasty and the nutritional juice can be served directly or can be kept in the refrigerator for some time and then can enjoy the chilled apple juice.

To get the additional taste, ginger and the lemon juice can also be added.

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