Home Recipes A Slippery Nipple Cocktail Recipe That Is Potent And Delicious

A Slippery Nipple Cocktail Recipe That Is Potent And Delicious

Slippery Nipple Cocktail Recipe

Slippery Nipple Cocktail Recipe

The slippery nipple cocktail recipe, as its name goes, is a fun drink. It is easy enough to create at home, and you can come up with as many variations of it as you like. It can be had in the form of a layered shot or shaken and stirred together; it forms a lovely cocktail. You will have to count the glasses down cause not only is it laden with alcohol, but it is also delicious. Too many bottoms ups, and you might find yourself having to excuse yourself early from the party.

Slippery Nipple cocktail recipe - whisky based cocktail

Ingredients for slippery nipple cocktail recipe

The cocktail is made up of 3 basic ingredients. Though they are mentioned in proper quantities, they can be increased or decreased to suit the guests’ tastes.

  • 1/4 oz grenadine
  • 1/2 oz sambuca
  • 1/2 oz baileys

Grenadine is a syrup made from pomegranate seeds that are famous for being used in cocktails? It has a tart and sour after taste that cuts into the drink’s sweetness and provides a nice contrast.

Baileys is famous the world over as a drink that originated in Ireland. It is composed of cream, cocoa, and the famous Irish whiskey. The original Baileys is an unflavoured alcoholic drink, while there are many variations available in the market today, like mint, coffee, and orange-flavoured Baileys.

Sambuca is an anise-flavoured alcoholic drink that originates in Italy. It can be white, deep blue, or deep red in colour. It is usually used as an accompaniment in cocktails.

Creation of the slippery nipple recipe

Lucas Lando Klausen is credited with the creation of this party bomber. It was born in the 80s when shots and cocktails with scandalous names were still new. It caught on for being sweet and light and got famous among the ladies. The slippery nipple is now one of the most common drinks to be found at an all-women party, though it is famous otherwise as well.

Slippery Nipple cocktail recipe - whisky based cocktail
Slippery nipple recipe

By following these steps, you can get an amazing slippery nipple cocktail that you and your guests will find hard to give up on:

  1. Pour just a little (about a quarter ounce) of grenadine in the bottom of the shot glass. This is what forms the nipple in the drink.
  2. Pour the next layer, which is sambuca, carefully over the grenadine. There are a couple of ways to do this.  Tilt the glass and pour it down the side, or use the handle of a spoon to gently add the liquid over the grenadine, or place the spoon upside down in the shot glass and drizzle the sambuca over it.
  3. Pour a half-ounce of Baileys over it.

You might mess up the presentation a couple of times, but as you do it repeatedly, you will get the hang of it.

Variations to the slippery nipple cocktail recipe

Dirty Nipple

This is another one with a funky name. Combine Kahlua, butterscotch schnapps, and Irish cream to create this on. Layer it in the same order or enjoy it as a shaken cocktail.

Dirty Nipple – Easy Cocktail Recipes


Shitty Nipple

Replace the sambuca in the slippery nipple recipe with grappa, and you have yourself another fun variation with a name that will put everyone in splits.

Buttery Nipple

This light but the potent drink is sure to knock some fun into you. Mix butterscotch schnapps, sambuca, and baileys together for this creamy delight. This is another layered shot that you can make right at your bar at home.

Buttery Nipple Recipe | Bevvy

You can try the classic Slippery Nipple recipe cocktail or any of its variations for a relaxed time after a hard day’s work.

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