Heady Strawberry Hennessy Recipe Here!

RecipesHeady Strawberry Hennessy Recipe Here!
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Strawberry Hennessy Recipe is one that you will find in the coursebook of every French bartender.  Though Hennessy is a French drink, it has gained popularity all over.  Strawberry Hennessy is a delicious cocktail that tastes delicious any time of the day. Though it is popularly assumed to be a whiskey, Hennessy is actually a cognac, which is a kind of brandy.  It is produced in the French town of Cognac, from where the drink gets its name.  It is made from distilled grape juice and hence has a slightly tart flavour.

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What is Strawberry Hennessy?

This is quite a popular cocktail made by combining Hennessy with champagne of your choice and adding in freshly chopped up strawberries.  This will render a bubbly, fruity cocktail with a hint of alcoholic content that is light, refreshing, and at the same time has the mature flavours of oak and vanilla.

Ingredients to make Strawberry Hennessy Recipe

The Best Strawberry Hennessy Drink

Method of Preparation for Strawberry Hennessy Recipe

  • Add ice to a tall glass and place the strawberries over the ice.
  • Add in the Hennessy, champagne, and the strawberry syrup and stir gently.

Make Your Own Strawberry Syrup

Though strawberry syrup is easily available in the market, nothing matches making your own at home.  This will give you a syrup that has double the flavour and half the preservatives, along with the benefits of no added colour.  Follow the guideline mentioned to make the strawberry syrup in the comfort of your own kitchen:

  • Wash and dry the store-bought strawberries and cut off the green stems at the top.
  • Now put a saucepan on medium-high flame and drop in the sugar, strawberries, and water.
  • Boil it for a few minutes and let the mixture simmer for about 15 minutes.
  • Use a blender to emulsify the strawberries.
  • Pass this mixture through a sieve and discard all the extra seeds and pulp.

Homemade Strawberry Syrup Recipe - The Flour Handprint

Tips For An Amazing Cocktail

  • Always make the strawberry sauce ahead of time so that it has enough time to cool down.  You could also chill the sauce for a while in the fridge before adding it to the drink to ensure that the cocktail remains chilled for a longer time.
  • Adjust and manipulate the amounts of alcohol according to your choice.  More Hennessy will give the drink a more robust and mature flavour, while more syrup will give it more fruity and sweet bent.
  • Stevia can be used to create a healthier version of the drink.
  • A drop or two of lime juice brings out more of the flavour in the drink.  Alternatively, you could use a lime wedge as a decoration on the glass and leave it up to each individual to use lime juice or not.

Alternatives To The Ingredients In Strawberry Hennessy Recipe

  • Champagne

Prosecco or sparkling wine can be used to replace champagne if you wish.  There are several types of champagnes available in the market that you can use to create this recipe.

  • Hennessy

Hennessy can easily burn a hole in your pocket, and some might find it a waste when added to a cocktail.  You can look for lower-end brands like Hennesy Black that are more affordable.  A good quality single malt whiskey might also be a good option to act as a replacement.

  • Strawberry Syrup

This ingredient is the heart and soul of this recipe.  So make sure that you get your hands on the finest quality available at your local store.  Having said that, nothing beats the flavour of homemade strawberry syrup.

Fruity Variations of the Strawberry Hennesy Cocktail

If you like the original Strawberry Hennessy, you will surely like these two variants as well.

  • Strawberry Pineapple Hennesy

This drink is made the same way that a strawberry Hennessy is created.  Just add a few pineapple bits to the strawberry sauce, and you will have a strawberry pineapple syrup.  Use this just as you would the plain strawberry syrup.

  • Strawberry Lemonade Hennesy

Again, this drink just involves a few drops of lemonade being added to the original strawberry drink, and you will have a new creation to get high on.


In conclusion, the Strawberry Hennessy recipe is a unique and delicious twist on the classic Hennessy cocktail. With its sweet and fruity combination of strawberries, Hennessy, and other ingredients, it is a great choice for those who are looking for a tasty and refreshing drink. Whether you’re enjoying it at a party or sipping on it alone, this recipe is sure to be a hit. Enjoy!

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