12 Delicious Sauces from Around the World You Should Try

Kitchen Secrets12 Delicious Sauces from Around the World You Should Try
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Delicious Sauces from Around the World  – Sauces can add emotion to our food almost instantly. If you become bored of having the same type of meal every day then you can add a different kind of sauce with them to make it a bit unique. Here we have given some recipes of sauces for your convenience.

Delicious Sauces from Around the World 

1. Bechamel Sauce

It is made by some milk, butter and flour. It is an Italian sauce and it can be used as the base for many more types of sauces. The whole recipe is quite easy and even if you don’t know cooking you can make the sauce at home.

Delicious Sauces from Around the World - Bechamel Sauce
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The ingredients are easily available in the market and that is why most of the people prefer this to make when they run out of ingredients.

2. BBQ Sauce

Barbeque is one of the most famous dishes in America. It was originated in South America and slowly it has gained the popularity of being a cultural symbol of this place. Different regions in America try to incorporate different types of barbecue recipes.

Delicious Sauces from Around the World - BBQ Sauce
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The main ingredient in barbeque sauce is rum. And you can make it at home very easily and serve it with any dish you want. This sauce can make your food spicy if you don’t want to eat them bland.

3. Remoulade

Most of the time this sauce is served with meat or seafood. It is made with some mayonnaise and aioli. This is originated from Louisiana and it is one of their classic sauces. Sometimes mustard is used to make this sauce a bit spicy and hot.

Delicious Sauces from Around the World - Remoulade
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So if you want something hot in taste with your favourite meat or seafood item then you can choose this one to make at home very easily.

4. Chimichurri

It is an Argentine sauce which they use to pair up with their barbeques. They make it with some vinegar, oregano and parsley leaves. They make it spicy so that it can go well with barbeque meat.

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So we can say that this is one of the spiciest sauces among all and the ingredients are quite a few. So there won’t be any problem in the availability of all the elements to make it.

5. Satay Sauce

This is a peanut sauce used as a normal food pairing as well as dessert. The sauce is originated from Thailand and they believe it to be one of the good pairings to their food.

Satay Sauce
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The making method of this sauce is quite easy and you just need a simple blender and basic ingredients like peanuts. So if you want an easy sauce to make at home than this one is one of the good items you can go for.

6. Caramel sauce

Caramel sauce is one of the good sauces in the market used mainly for dessert items. It is made with sugar, butter, flour and milk. This sauce is made by heating sugar and adding other items in that melted sugar.

Caramel sauce
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It is quite popular worldwide and the bakery owners prefer it to be there on the go sauce for sweet dishes. And the good part is you can make it at home by easily available ingredients.

7. Bolognese sauce

This sauce is originated from Bologna in Italy and that is why it is named after that place. Meat base is used to make the sauce and then tomatoes are added to make it tangy.

Bolognese sauce
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This is quite famous in Europe and so many restaurants use it as the sauce for meat recipes. Previously it was made of ground beef only. But now different types of meats are used.

8. Indian Chutney

India is quite famous for its chutney. Here so many types of vegetables and fruits are used to make chutneys according to the meal. Seasonal vegetables and fruits are used like tomato, mango, lemon, papaya etc.

Indian Chutney
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And then the chutney is saved in a jar and kept in a dry and cool place to eat every day. It is an on-the-go item for Indian people and gradually it became quite popular around the world.

9. Chermoula

This sauce is made with saffron and some cilantro. It is originated from Morocco and they use it to marinate their fish to make the everyday fish item.

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One of the most special items of Morocco is their potato cake and this sauce is spread over that to make that item a bit spicier. And now so many restaurants around the globe uses this as their spread.

10. Mexican Chocolate Sauce

As the name suggests, it is a Mexican sauce whose base is chocolate. But some coffee and cinnamon are added to it to make it a bit tastier.

Mexican Chocolate Sauce
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It is one of the most popular Chocolate sauce in the whole world and people love to try this out along with some dessert item right after their meal.

11. Chinese Plum Sauce

Chinese people are quite expert in making different types of tangy sauces. Chinese plum sauce is one of them. It is made of plum and it has become one of their staple food items in all these years.

Chinese Plum Sauce
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They prefer this sauce to be served along with the duck meat. So if you want to find out the good sauce to pair it up with your meat items then this can be a very good option.

12. Caribbean Jerk Sauce

Caribbeans are quite famous to make their food spicy with some sauces. This sauce is no different than that.

Caribbean Jerk Sauce
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It is made with some garlic and pepper and used as the hot dressing on the pork before grilling it in charcoal. This eventually increased the taste of whole meat. So this was all about a small list of popular and easy sources to make at home if you want to add some quirk in your food. You can choose any of them and all the ingredients can be found in local grocery shops only.

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