Kitchen Secrets Use of Cumin Seeds in Indian Cooking

Use of Cumin Seeds in Indian Cooking

Use of Cumin Seeds

Use of Cumin Seeds: The spices have greatly contributed in making Indian cuisine so varied and sumptuous. The spices that form the foundation of Indian cuisine are myriad in number.

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However, whereas some spices belong to a specific region or cuisine, most of the spices are used in all the cuisines across the country. Cumin happens to belong to this second group of spices.

Cumin is used in different regions, in preparing special dishes as well as in preparing simple ones. In home cooking too this is used.

Cumin seeds are easily available in the market. However while cooking the seeds are used in the whole form as well as in the paste form. Usually in traditional cooking the paste form has been in use for a long time.

Now thanks to the hectic schedules that we have to maintain, making a paste is no longer a feasible option. Usually, the paste was made manually, but this is a time-consuming matter and at the same time this also requires effort and skill.

If anyone is still intent on making paste then, it is wise to use an electronic grinder for that. To ease your hassle, cumin powder has made its appearance in the market.

So now you can use the powder as per requirement or if you are still hesitant then, take the amount of powder you need and add a little water to make a thick paste.

Cumin is very aromatic spice, its presence not only enhances flavor but also adds a distinct taste. Cumin is used in the seed form for seasoning. Usually after heating the oil it is used and when the seeds starts crackling, you should add other ingredients in the oil.

Some of the Recipes You Can Prepare With Cumin Seeds:

  • Cumin Chicken
  • Jeera Vegetables
  • Aloo Jeera
  • Jeera Rice
  • Jeera Aloo Palak

But be careful do not allow it to burn or it will ruin the taste of the curry. In seasoning sometimes Cumin is used alone, sometimes with assortment of other whole spices. In preparing vegetable curries, fish curries, meat, cumin paste is used to make the gravy more special.

Cumin paste is used in marination process too. Although not all marination uses Cumin paste, in some marination this paste is used. As the fish or the meat soaks in the flavor of Cumin it becomes more delicious.

Another interesting use of Cumin is in the roasted form. In some dishes the Cumin sometimes alone, sometimes with few other whole spices is dry roasted and then powdered. This roasting process enhances the distinct flavor of Cumin and intensifies it.

Interestingly Cumin is also used in preparing a very tasty Indian beverage, known as jaljeera. This drink is delicious and good for stimulating appetite.

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