Indian Foreign Fusion Foods You Should Try!

Food & CultureIndian Foreign Fusion Foods You Should Try!
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Fusion foods are as interesting as their names. Mainly these foods are the mixture of different cultures in a single dish. You can feel the magic of different types of flavours at one place and that thing is unique in this type of foods.

So let’s have a look at some delicious fusion foods you must try in India.

1. Cheese and Jalapeno Kachori

We all love street kachori in India. But it can get a fusion touch by adding the cheese and jalapenos stuffing in it. You can fill it with some paneer, jalapenos and some cheddar cheese to make it the perfect fusion.

Indian-foreign Fusion Foods - Cheese and Jalapeno Kachori
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You can either deep fry them to give it the real desi flavour or you can also use air fryer or bake them to make it the choice for the calorie-conscious people. But remember to fry a lot of it because people surely will ask for more once they taste it.

2. Avocado infused Chicken Kebab

Chicken kebabs are already one of the foods in India. But if you infuse it with avocado then it will be a perfect fusion dish. It will give you the hotness of chicken and tanginess of avocado in your mouth.

Indian-foreign Fusion Foods - Avocado infused Chicken Kebab
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And you won’t be able to stop yourself from having more. If you want to make it complete, then you can make some pineapple chutney to impress your guests by the fusion taste of both of them together.

3. Golgappa Shots

Golgappa is another food in India which will steal your heart by the taste and flavour of it. But it can also be modified as a fusion food if you be able to create unique staffing for it. You can stuff the golgappas with different types of fruits or the pulp of fruits to make it tangy.

Indian-foreign Fusion Foods - Golgappa Shots
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You can also mix several fruits to make a nice cocktail of taste inside a golgappa. Along with that, you can offer mixed fruit juices in which the golgappas has to be dipped before eating. These types of combinations can be the perfect fit for a fusion golgappa.

4. Berries and Lavender Kheer

Kheer is one of the most popular Indian desserts which goes well in any type of occasion. But you can also make it fusion by adding a little bit of different flavour to it. You can add some berries into the kheer like blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, and BlackBerry etc. to give it a different taste.

Indian-foreign Fusion Foods - Berries and Lavender Kheer
Image Source

It can be the perfect amalgamation of ice cream and Indian kheer. If you like different flavours in this item then you can also try out adding some lavender essence to get a floral fragrance. It will take Indian food to another level in front of your guests.

5. Idli Burger

What about mixing the different cultures of South India and America? The idea is nice. Isn’t it? You can make some idli which can be stuffed inside the burger bread to make idli burger. You can also fry the Idli a little bit before creating the burger so that the taste of burger can be a bit spicy.

Indian-foreign Fusion Foods - Idli Burger
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Otherwise, Idli is a bit bland in taste. So if you want some fusion South Indian dish in India then Idli burger is one of the greatest choices for you. It will fill your mind with happiness almost instantly.

6. Coffee Marinated Mutton Chops

Yes, it is weird. But it is worth a try. Mutton is liked by all the non-vegetarian people out there and you can make one of the fusion items with this ingredient. You can marinate your mutton with some coffee or espresso, honey, vinegar and a few herbs to make it unique.

Indian-foreign Fusion Foods - Coffee Marinated Mutton Chops
Image Source

When you make the chop out of it, you will get the flavour of coffee and also the taste of mutton. It is one of the most famous fusion food in India and if you are a coffee lover as well then you will surely love it.

7. Paneer Lasagna with Kadai Sabzi

Paneer is the most famous staple food for vegetarians. Lasagna is very popular outside India but you can make them at home with the cottage cheese or paneer stuffing to make it look like a perfect fusion dish.

Indian-foreign Fusion Foods - Paneer Lasagna with Kadai Sabzi
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Along with that, you can grill some vegetables as the side dish. The whole meal will be complete in this way. It will change your taste a little bit where you can get rid of boring recipes like Kadai Paneer and paneer tikka.

8. Apple Jalebi

Jalebis are the heartthrobs of the foodies in India. But you can give it a little bit fusion look by adding sweet little slices of apples and make it an Apple flavoured jalebi. In some places, jalebis are preferred with ice cream in India.

Indian-foreign Fusion Foods - Apple Jalebi
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In that case, you can serve it with some Gulab (rose) icecream where the ice cream is infused with some rose petals. It will certainly complete the mood of the party for sure. And also you can make a perfect fusion dessert as a showstopper.

9. Tandoori Chicken Bruschetta

Tandoori chicken is itself an emotion for the foodies. It is one of the most popular go-to dishes for any event for non-vegetarian people. Bruschetta is an Italian starter dish made with toast.

Indian-foreign Fusion Foods - Tandoori Chicken Bruschetta
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You can use the tandoori Chicken chunks as the topping of the toast to make it fusion. The juicy chicken will infuse the bread with the flavour of it. You can serve it after grilling or baking as well to make it special for health-conscious people.

10. Mixed fruit Rabdi

Rabdi is another desert item in India for which people forget all the inhibitions. But you can also make it look Western by adding some fruits into it to give it a little different flavour altogether.

Indian-foreign Fusion Foods - Mixed fruit Rabdi
Image Source

You can add single fruit or mixture of seasonal fruits to create fruit fair inside the mouth of your guests.


So this was a simple list of some fusion foods you can try out in India. The culture of East and West is completely different and if you be able to connect it naturally then it can make awesome fusion for Indian delicacies. And this fact is proved by all the recipes given here.

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